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Travel Day – Florida Diaries 

Hello! In my last post I was unsure whether or not to do Florida posts but I mainly want to do it so I have it to look back on! I am not going to spam you all I am going to dot them between posts. 

Anyway I traveled from Manchester to Sanford Florida with Thomson airlines. The flight was 11:25 so plenty of time for a Frankies and Bennies breakfast (was that hungry there is sadly no picture) then onto WHSmiths for some water and magazines. 

I have never done a long haul flight before so a 9 hour flight was very daunting for someone who isn’t a fan of flying! However it was free drinks (soft and alcoholic) the whole flight and also two meals and snacks.  After about an hour we were given a bit of chicken and veg and some crackers with cheese. Just your standered plane meal, about an hour before landing we were given a roll and scone. I was so disappointed with the TV and films available but it did the job. 

Thomson Plane Tv

We arrived in Sanford around 3:30 and had to wait for a storm to pass before leaving the plane. Then we had to queue at the boarder to have a face to face questioning by boarder control where they questioned your visit and took finger prints. 

After we got our bags I was sat on a Micky mouse bus off to the hotel! 1 hour a lot of rain and traffic later I arrived at Conorado Springs Resort Disney. Even from the lobby I was happy with the choice of hotel it was modern, clean and very over the top! With Disney being so popular I was expecting a tiny room with it just being the two of us but it was very spacious with a HUGE bed! 

View from the Lobby at Coronado Springs
View outside our room. 1/3 pools
Double Room

By now it was about 6 and I was tired and hungry so I went to the hotels restaurant and had a quick serve meal (Disney terms for counter services). 

Pizza and Minute Maid 😛

Trying to beat the jet lag I decided that going to watch the “amazing” fireworks at Magic Kingdom to decide for myself. I have to say if you visit Florida at all go to Magic Kingdom at night and watch the fireworks brought a tear to my eye and I felt 5 again! 
Magic Kingdom Happily Ever After
That was all for the first day of my trip to Florida! I hope you enjoyed reading this little travel blog! Comment your favourite county to visit! 


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Big Clothing Haul!!

Hello! I have come to the end of my time off from work from my birthday week off :(. Todays post is going to be a clothing haul as I have just been shopping to find some bits for my holidays, and to have a mooch around! I was going to do a “What I got for my birthday” but I had mostly money so I will leave that for this year I think, anyway I will get started.

Starting off with Zara, with me I find it hard to shop in store at zara. It is always messy which drives my OCD mad and nothing looks like it goes together. However I did manage to find a lovely pair of shorts which are high waisted with a tie waist, love the tie waist trend as bottoms are usually too big on me or hard to get over my bum so I get away with a bigger size and tying the wait tight!18581792_1356561444423443_6180109228209767922_n

Jack Wills was next, usually I never buy anything from here as I feel like it’s a tad pricey but they did however have a sale section. I managed to find to lovely t-shirts the first being the white one (£14) which is a slouchy over sized T, and the pink( £19) just being a normal t-shirt.18557234_1356561454423442_6072400593232236006_n

Next was Primark, it always amazes me how you fill a basket and it comes to less than say £30 MINDBLOWN.

I decided to pick up two pairs of there cotton shorts as I live in these on holiday they are just so comfy and easy to where anywhere, they are also great for bed too!


I have a habit of not being able to walk out of Primark without Pjs, and my dad goes absolutely mental as I drift towards the pj section. However I could not leave these there, I have seen the Marie ones all over Instagram but they didn’t have them, so picked up these for my trip to Florida in two weeks!18557287_1356561487756772_6957208216303490837_n

Flip Flops, every summer I buy these they are stupidly priced at 90p and I take them on holiday and just leave them there, chose pink this year!!

Now for the random bits and bobs they put along the queues at the tills, yano them things you totally need. Mini empty containers, I wanted something to put suncream in for when we are at the disney parks save carrying a huge bottle of suncream with us, so these will come in handy! Next was a hair towel, I dry my hair far too often and I want to start looking after it a big more, so I am currently looking at hair masks (Let me know if you have faves) so got this so I keep my hair out the way while masking!18581692_1356561511090103_2649804178127122713_n

Lush!! I have been seeing everyone on instagram trying out this new “think pink” bath bomb and just had to give it a go. Haven’t used it yet but heard great reviews. Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates!18622574_1356561551090099_5029228829383460590_n.jpg

Last but not least was Pandora, I know pandora is a love or hate thing but I love it so, had a gift card off my dad and decided to get a new ring and I am so obsessed with it. I don’t think it looks like your typical pandora ring either.18619947_1356561554423432_2793318624387475954_n

Anyway thats it for my haul I really hope you enjoyed it.


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Boutique of Molly UK Manhattan Bag Review

Hello again. Todays post is all about Boutique of Molly which I discovered on Instagram! I am not one for boutiques normally as I am always sceptical of quality and usually stick to the usual Asos or Topshop etc. However its important to support smaller businesses and my friends always order from there so thought why the hell not!

They sell everything a normal online store do such as bags, dresses, playsuits and tops. I am a bag addict so decided to start with a bag and see how I go! The lovely people at boutique of molly have give me a 20% off code for you lovely readers which is MELISSAJONES20 (this is off everything so knock your selves out girls and boys).

When your products arrive they come in the cutest pink packaging, who doesn’t love a pink parcel right?


Lets get started then the bag its self is a very good dupe of the Louie Vuitton “never full” handbag, justifying £920 for a bag is a no no for me so I think £25 for this B.O.M is a bargain!!


When it arrived I was amazed at how much space the inside has usually with big bags theres just the one compartment and you turn into Mary Poppins and everything sinks to the bottom. Although in this bag there is 4 pocket compartments as well as the actual inside of the bag, them being two zips and 3 pockets. Zip pockets for me are an absolute seller for me as you can hide all the stuff that you don’t want the world to see!


I love the fact its got a zip then a pocket then another zip on one of the sides as it means you are not cramming all your lady products into one side of the bag! I have used the big pocket to keep my reading glasses, sun glasses, hair ties, my inhaler and a hand cream in as usually they get lost in my bag and I cannot find them!  Then the two zip compartments have all things period in and the other had tablets in (as I am a walking pharmacy).


Another great factor of the bag is that its got a zip you don’t find many tote bags with zips!! My boyfriend goes spare as I will walk around busy cities and airports with my bag wide open for the world to have a mooch, so was impressed to see a zip!


The best thing about tote bags is how comfortable they are to carry this bag is so comfy on the shoulder. I seem to find with totes they are heavy but the weight is well distributed!

If you are interested in this bag in particular then its £25 but if you use my code MELISSAJONES20 then its only £20!

You can visit the Boutique of Molly site HERE they ship to

  • USA
  • UK & EUROPE!

I had my bag delivered on express delivery and it got to me super quick I ordered it on the Friday (weekend + monday was a bank holiday) and received it Wednesday.

Clarifications- I paid for this bag myself.

Hope you enjoyed this review visit my Instagram to see more of my current favourites!   

Melissa ​

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What’s in my Travel Make up bag?

Hello and happy easter🐥. I hope you’re all knee deep in chocolate eggs and ready for a 4 day Easter break! 

I thought with it being Easter I would try and blog each day so today’s post is my make up travel bag. I am never home either at my boyfriends, on holiday or in work so my travel make up bag has kinda become my only make up collection at the moment so I thought I would show you what I use everyday. 

(Heads up I don’t carry a eye pallet with me, unless I’m going out at night). I’ll start from the left to the right. 

  1. Urban Decay Perversion mascara- honestly one of my all time favourites this. It has a very thick brush but it doesn’t clump!!! Colour payoff is fantastic and leaves your lashes jet black and long!
  2. Bobbi Brown eye brow pencil in grey- if you have read some of my other make up posts then you’ll know I love this. It glides on great and stays put all day!! 
  3. Benefit they’re real double the lip- I had this in my birch box in march and I think I will be buying a full size of this because I’m so in love with it. It’s not often I find a lip product that doesn’t make my lips chap or isn’t oily or blah blah this one is beautiful! Perfect for any occasion you can build it up too! 
  4. Laura Geller Powder Foundation- I don’t use this as a foundation I use it to set my powder and give me extra coverage. It’s really good and gives you that really flawless skin look! (Laura geller is such a looked over brand!!!) 
  5. NYX colour correcting pallet- as you can see I have used some of these colours to the pan but you never know when your going to have redness, black under eyes or any discolouration on your skin. This does the job perfectly. 
  6. POREfessional by benefit- I am not one for primers normally but I’m trying to find one I like (that’s why it’s only a sample,so far so good). I really do notice a difference in my foundation when I use this before! 
  7. NYX colour correction concealer- as you properly saw I used all the yellow in the NYX pallet so this is a must for me! I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the cream but hey ho it does the job! (LA Girl one is better) 
  8. Milani Conceal + Perfect foundation- I love this foundation, it’s I’d say full coverage doesn’t leave that oily residue that some foundations leave and it stays out all day. Although this is a little dark and I do need to mix a little mac in when I’m not wearing tan. 
  9. Boiing by benefit- best concealer I have ever tried hands down. Really does the job of covering up all them imperfections. Especially good for under eyes! 
  10. Too Faced sweetheart bronzer- I use this as a contour as I think to bronze it would be way too dark for my skin. Works great for me as a contour, nice rich chocolate colour not orange! 
  11. NYX ombré blush- I am so fussy with blushers as I don’t like bright pinks this one is pink but ombrés from a dark almost bronzed pink so gives you more of a darker cheek!
  12. Illamasque highlighter in beyond- love this gives a very prominent glow and you need very little! 

For brushes I like to keep it simple and not have too many! 

  1. Foundation brush or blender (sorry they’re not in the pic). 
  2. Powder brush 
  3. Contour brush 
  4. Blusher brush (Real Techniques brush is out of this world) 
  5. La tweeze powder brush for highlighter 
  6. NYX two sided eyebrow brush

Thanks so much for reading hopefully I’ll have another post for you tomorrow! P.s the make up bag is from Matalan)


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5 Days In Paris (day 3-5) 

I’m back with the next couple of days of my let’s say Paris diaries. If you haven’t read day 1-2 click here.

Day 3

Today was the day I have been looking forward to the most out of the whole trip, DISNEY LAND. Like anyone else I love Disney always have since I was younger. I visited this park when I was about 3 so have very little memory of it. So I was so excited to be able to recapture them moments.

I was overwhelmed to say the least, the place doesn’t seem real the buildings are so underbelieveable the statues of some of the characters are amazing and so realistic.

We visited both parks Disney Land and Walt  Disney studios we were very lucky in the fact it wasn’t very busy we went on about 6 rides in Disney Land and queued no more than 20 minutes at the most. The atmosphere of the whole park was just fantastic.

Walt Disney studios was fantastic too, scenes from movie sets, cars, buildings and rides. This park was where tower of terror is, despite being way to scared to go on it the ride its self is incredible it’s so high up built up like a real hotel not just a ride! Just outside the parks is a food/shopping complex with a variety of places to visit! The one disappointing thing about Disney was there was a few rides that weren’t open at all!

Day 4

Time for a little bit of shopping, Paris is filled with shops from high street to designer which is fantastic. I didn’t really buy anything from Paris as I am on a buying ban for a while. I was amazed by the security in the shops where ever you went from H&M to Gucci there was security on the doors checking you as you walked in! Sephora was the one shop I was dying to visit while in Paris, I was in my element although I was surprised at how little each Make Up house stored. Anastasia BH was the one I was excited the most about but there was very limited stock. I did pick up one of Sephora’s face masks which I can confirm are AMAZING!!!!

We finished off shopping a lot earlier than we suspected so we decided to visit the aquarium which was small but it killed an hour. After the aquarium we went back to the hotel both knackered we decided to have a quick nap before heading back out.

It was about 5 and to please my football fanatic boyfriend we visited PSG and Red Star Paris’ football ground. Now this means nothing to me so I’ll leave that part there.

Day 5

We woke up around 10 o’clock to terrible news that there had been a terrorist attack at the louvre this scared me sick but we carried on for the day. Decided to go for a walk grab some souvenirs and food before heading to the airport.

Worst transfer ever! We left our hotel around 5:45 and got to the airport around 8 the taxi man didn’t seem to have a clue were he was going😭.  We finally arrived to the airport and got through customs etc. Only to find out there was one shop and one little cafe for the whole terminal, nightmare. Our plane was then delayed around and hour🙁.

All in all Paris has been an absolute fantastic little break away from reality the sights were amazing and I really recommend visiting if you get the chance!!


  1. Eiffel Tower
  3. Walk- go by foot you will be surprised what’s around the corner
  4. River cruise at night
  5. Eat crepes 😛

Thank you for reading my Paris posts! My next trip is Florida in June and I am so looking forward to that!


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5 Days In Paris (day 1-2)

If you follow this blog then you’ll know my Christmas present off my boyfriend was trip to Paris!!

We flew from Manchester airport on the 31st of January, we flew to paris beauvais airport which is about an hour outside of Paris. The smallest airport I have ever visited, although about £200 cheaper than flying direct to Paris’ main airport! 

We stayed at relais Saint Charles. The hotel is only 3 stars and I would say it’s at least a 4, our room was lovely, modern with a view of the top of the Eiffel Tower. The hotel is opposite a metro station so easy to get around the city! Lots of shops and restaurants such as Zara, Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Gap and also lots of supermarkets and local cake shops and restaurants! The Eiffel Tower was only about a 15 minute walk away which was fantastic and as the week went on we soon found our bearings! 
Day\Night 1

After a good 4 hours of traveling we were starving so we decided to go for a short walk to find a place to eat! We stopped at a local Italian restaurant, which was lovely! After dinner we walked to the Eiffel Tower. I was absolutely stunned, I never expected it to be so overwhelming, it’s huge!!! Absolutely stunning at night! Every hour the Eiffel Tower sparkles and it’s truly beautiful!! 

Day 2 

We had tickets booked today for the Eiffel Tower! So we woke up early grabbed a mc Donald’s breakfast (highly reccomend bacon and cheese muffin 😍) and picked up our tickets! Today it was very foggy we got to the 2nd floor of the tower and our view was limited we could see so far then it was so foggy you could barely make out some of the landmarks. Addiment to go to the third floor we went although all we could see was cloud I am not over exaggerating. 

After walking round the tower for a good 1-2 hours we decided to take the metro. Similar to the London Underground but a little more confusing and in french (obvs). We then had dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe, defo a must if you are planning on visiting!! 

We decided to walk back from were the Hard Rock Cafe was 5.8km from our hotel. Defiantly a good move on the way back we passed The Louvre and the Arch De Triumph! 

Around 8pm we set off from our hotel towards the river front and hopped on one of the river cruises. Which is so beautiful at night, these cruises are great to see all the riverside land marks at night and all lit up!  

That’s it for Day 1 and 2 thank you for reading, I will try my best to get day 3,4 and 5 up tomorrow! 


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Holiday Essentials

Hi everyone!


I haven’t written a post since June, bad I know! I do have an excuse, I have been on holiday once in July and then in august so it’s been a lot of recovering and then preparation again and again! Holidays are great and I think we all wish we could take more. Although with holidays comes stressing over it. What will you need, clothes, toiletries, and electrical items, passports we seem to always lose them or need new bits and bobs to go. In this blog post I will make a list of the things I NEED to take with me on holidays. (this post will be based on a holiday outside of the UK)


Carry on/Travel bag


An essential for all trips you need to be able to keep your Passport, insurance details and boarding passes close to you and accessible while in the airport. Don’t forget your money foreign currency and British you may need snacks for the plane or a meal before you board (Frankies and Bennys is a must!) If you are on any medication I recommend carry this with you on in your carry on, if worse comes to worse and your main bag gets lost then you may be without your medication, and if you need it while onboard the plane. I like to always take a book with me on the plane along with my phone and Ipad to keep me occupied on the plane.




I like to split my case into four sections so I know for one I have everything and two everything is all together. Clothes, probably the most stressful part of going on holiday I tend to take 8-day outfits and 7 night outfits if I am going for a week and 5 bikinis and obviously underwear. Then make up I take a medium sized bag (in my opinion) with my make up I take the main essentials that I use everyday of course every individual is different. Now for toiletries I take a 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner, as it is condense and quick, dry shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, sun cream (1 high factor and a spray oil), after sun, and a perfume then lastly shoes I like to take comfy shoes and shoes that fit with all the outfits I tend to take 1 pair of trainers, flat sandals, flip flops and a pair of wedges


Thanks for reading this post I hope its helped you pack for your holidays!


Happy holidays


Melissa x