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The Best And Worst Skin Care For Oily Skin!

Hello! At the moment I am so obsessed with skin care and trying to make it look the best it has! This post is in collaboration with Julia I am going to tell you my best and worst for Oily skin and if you go visit Julia’s blog if you suffer with dry skin!

I have suffered with oily/spot prone skin since I was about 12/13, so I have tried out my fair share of face washes, scrubs and masks from drug store and high end products! Obviously everyones skin is different these may or may not work on my skin and might not on yours! So lets get started..


  • The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash- I have done a full review on this so click here to read more, but this is by far my favourite product for my oily/spot prone skin. I feel as if this products calms my skin helping ease my spots and clean my face! I suffer with hormonal break outs and I use this everyday and it certainly helps reduce the pain/size of the spots. It is only £6 from the body shop, they have a range of products if the face wash is not for you.img_0524
  • L’oreal Charcoal mask- Now I have tried majority of the charcoal masks available in boots, and this one if by far the best! You can see results straight after the first use, I find this mask helps to purify my skin and really helps unclog my pores! Depending on where you buy this from it ranges from £5-£7, I have hardly used any of mine a little goes a long way.18556320_1348311915248396_2227007549030620367_n
  • Benefit Boo Boo Zap- If you suffer from “teenage spots” then this one is for you, you know the big red spots that take up your whole cheek for about a week! I used to swear by this product, it helps reduce the redness and swelling of your blemishes. Its such an easy product to use, you just dab a bit on your finger and apply to the blemish! Its £14 from boots so a little pricer but you only need a little bit so lasts a while.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



  • Sanctuary Spa warming Detox Charcoal Mask- I was so excited to try this product day after I instantly regretted it, I broke out with so many spots after using this mask! I only bought a sample size which was about £2/3. I really don’t recommend using this if you suffer from blemishes! Didn’t do anything to my face and also burnt my face.
  • Clean & Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel- I bought this in a trio where I had a toner and face wash too and was so disappointed it just did nothing for my skin. I have always found Clean and Clear to sting my face when using it especially on blemishes! This product didn’t break me out but its supposed to ease your spots and it didn’t do anything to mine.img_0746
  • Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads- People always rave about Clearasil being a good brand. However I think it does nothing for my face like clean and clear it always tends to sting my skin on application, then leaves my skin feeling really oily! These are ok if you want something to freshen your skin up mid day but not as a spot/ oily skin treatment.


Oily Skin DO’s

  • Try and have no make up days, this really helps your skin, so be confident and have a few no make up days.
  • Take your make up off to work out!
  • Don’t avoid moisturising, your skin will become dry with too many spot products.

Oily Skin DONTs

  • Avoid the tooth paste myth, some believe it helps whereas it really doesn’t all it does is irritate your skin and causes peeling
  • Wash your face with water instead of using face wipes as more pure!
  • Don’t overload on products, don’t be using 10 spot products on your skin at once as the more products the more chemicals are on your face!


That is all for my Best and Worst products for Oily Skin, If you suffer from dry skin the jump over to Julia’s blog to view her post! Let me know what you love skincare wise!

Thanks for reading.


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Tanning Routine

Tanning can be a tough one especially if you’re a newbie to it. I have been using fake tan for about 6 years now so I thought I would share my tan routine for you. I usually tan more often in the winter months as my skin goes very pale, normally I will tan every two weeks or so depending on how I feel. So here is the routine I repeat when tanning.

Night Time Routine

(Before bed)

  1. I start off with either a shower or a bath to get rid of any products that are on my skin i.e. deodorant or perfume as this could turn fake tan green (not something you want.
  2. I also shave my legs and arms as I find the tan goes on nicer to smother skin but this is obviously up to you! Lastly in the shower
  3. I like to apply a heavy exfoliator to get rid of any dry skin as fake tan goes darker on places such as elbows and knees if they are particularly dry.
  4. Once out of the shower I apply a thick body butter/moisturizer, I strongly recommend the soap and glory ones.
  5. After that has dried I then apply my fake tan, I use a tanning mit that you can pick up from almost anywhere these days, the fake tan I use is St Moritz it is on the cheaper scale of fake tan (around £2.99).

Morning Routine

  1. After waking up you might be extremely brown/orange, don’t worry just jump in the shower and all the residue of the tan will wash off and you should be left with a lovely even tan
  2. Once been in the shower I like to moisturize again


That’s the end of my fake tan routine; I hope that it has helped out if you’re new to tan. If you want a fake tan product review then let me know as I have tried A LOT. Thanks for reading.