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Day Nine and Ten – Florida Diaries

Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed my florida diaries and if not then this is the last one. i have combined the last two days together just because we didn’t do much at all.


We woke up around 10 o’clock and went straight for breakfast, wanting to take in the last of the Florida sun we decided to jump in the pool after breakfast and chill out. After a few hours in the pool we went back to the room and packed up our cases and jumped in the shower to freshen up.

After freshening up we went to the restaurant and had some dinner, of course I had to have pizza for the last time!

After dinner we hoped on the bus to Magic kingdom, and guess what more RAIN! We had our ponchos with us and was not going to let rain ruin our evening. We got fast passes for Buzz lightyear and thunder mountain.  We got on a lot of rides this evening such as astro orbiter ( I hated every minute), again we went on the carrousel and dumbo.

With it being our last day we had to try all the foods we wanted to try churros, corn dogs and pop corn.

Come 10pm we were in a good spot ready to watch the fireworks for the last time, again tears in our eyes, the fireworks were beautiful and we didn’t want to leave!


We were up 9 am and ready for the day, we handed our cases to the people at the desk to keep hold of, and we popped off to Disney Springs… Present shopping time, we hopped from shop to shop and bought some bits and bobs.

Hot and tired, we headed back to the hotel to wait for our transfer back to the airport.

Sanford airport is tiny, hardly no duty free nor food so killing 2 hours was a little tricky, however the time came to board the plane and we were off again!

6am we landed in Manchester after a very easy and quick 7.5 hour flight, we got back home as slept for a good 10 hours and woke up ate and then slept again… ops.

Thank you so much for reading my florida diaries.


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Have you seen my 3 latest posts?

Hello just reminding you all that I am uploaded everyday this week still, incase you missed them here are my last few posts…


Featuring Universal studios and helicopter over Orlando.


Featuring Orlando FC ‘soccer match’ and crazy golf.


Featuring Disney’s magic kingdom and parade

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Day Seven – Florida Diaries

Day 7 was a little bit of a chill day we had nothing planed apart from a football game later on in the evening. So we decided to pop to blizzard beach and play crazy golf, there are two crazy golfs winter and summer and we played both.

However one hole in and a huge storm started and we had to stop playing, an hour later we were off and started playing. If you are looking for an afternoon to kill then I highly recommend crazy golf as it is so much fun.

We preferred the winter course to the summer but both were very fun!

After an afternoon of golf we headed back to the hotel and had some lunch before it was time to get ready for the football, which was in Downtown Orlando. It cost us $27 to get to Downtown Orlando for the game which is pretty steep, but were then told Uber put prices up when they know theres events on.

Its about a 20 minute drive from Disney to Downtown, we got into down town orlando and our Uber driver was taking short cuts through estates a little sceptical of course. Next minute our Uber driver informs us that we are in Paramore an estate in Florida with a very high crime rate GREAT! After being flagged down asked if we wanted to park on these peoples drives we finally got to the stadium!

The football was fantastic, nothing like a British match! Fans are brilliant and really get into the game, I am talking flares, songs and drums (apparently totally normal to stand on a platform banging a drum in America)! We both couldn't resist buying Orlando City shirts of course, they were on sale so even better!

We then left the stadium and walked with the crowd into Downtown Orlando as we had no idea where to go. After trying to find WIFI by standing outside numerous bars and restaurants we finally ordered an Uber back to our hotel!

We decided to grab some food from the hotel restaurant and took it back to our room, then we went to bed!

Thank you for reading!



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Day six – Florida Diaries

Hello again, I swear I will great through these diaries one day 😂. The fifth day we woke up around 8am and headed off to universal studios via uber (Highly recommend using uber instead of yellow cabs). We were so excited to hit universal after hearing so many good reviews and recommendations from people, also this is where Hard Rock Cafe is which meant food!!!

After having 3 heart failures due to the price of one day ticket we entered the park! Had a good wonder around, got our bearings then decided which rides we wanted to go on. We didn't do a lot as I don't like upside down coaster and my boyfriend didn't want to get wet so we stuck to normal coasters and stimulates.

We finished Island Of Adventure after around 2 hours, went to board the Hogwarts express to Universal Studios, sat on the train then got taken off and told it was broken and it will take 3 hours to fix, not impressed…..

Overall I wasn't too impressed is IOT found it very tacky, if you have visited Blackpool pleasure beach then it's similar….

Into Universal studios we go, everything was a bit better than IOT, however there was a lot of work going on. It's just like one big film set a lot of familiar buildings such as the simpsons and Harry Potter. We then went on a couple of rides and then we got a little hungry so decided to go to Hard rock for food!

Hard rock was lovely as always the service was great!

We then got hit by a huge storm started in universal for about 2 hours in the storm but all rides were closed due to thunder so we decided to call it a day there.

Fed up and saddened by the day at universal we got a taxi to international drive and decided to do something non theme parky… Helicopter tour, got to admit I don't like flying that much so this was way out my comfort zone. However I loved it, totally recommend it if you are ever in Florida you can see for miles and miles!!

That's day 6 over with! Thank you so much for reading!


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Day Five – Florida Diary

Hello again! Day Five was all about the Alligators, my boyfriend still dying to see an alligator in Florida we decided to visit GatorLand!

Can't remember exactly how much it was to get in but I think it was around $40 for us both which isn't too bad. Today's weather was in our favour too it was scorching hot!

We got up really early had a quick breakfast and booked an uber for 9:30!

Entering the park was no Disney experience, two steps in and there is hundreds of baby alligators in little swamps and then HUGE alligators swimming around.

We had a look around the whole park first to get our bearings there was alligators, tortoise, panthers, birds and deers

Oh and goats which are now my favourite animal and I totally want one as a pet….

Staying on the trend of feeding animals we decided to feed the HUGE tortoise we worked out he weighed around 44 stone 😮. For $5 dollars we got a pear on a stick and fed 2 tortoise!

Hungry, hot and tired we called it a day and booked an uber which took up back to the hotel!

After chilling out for a little while it was still boiling so we heading to Blizzard Beach one of Disney's water parks. Have no pictures I'm afraid. We spent about an hour here until a HUGE storm hit and we were told not to go in the water! We headed for lunch in a QS restaurant in BB and I had pizza and Callum had a burger. After waiting around an hour the rain only got worse so we headed back to the hotel.

We then decided to hop into our pool for the next hour because what else can you do in the rain on holiday?

We showered got ready and headed off to animal kingdom for our reservation in Rainforest. I have no pictures of our food but it was DELICIOUS. I had chicken with cheese and pasta, Callum had fish and chips.

We then decided to watch animal kingdoms light show. Both of us were very disappointed with this, I think after seeing MKs fireworks it's a bit of a downgrade but it was a lovely night!

Then that was it for the day we went to sleep very early for a early start at universal tomorrow.

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Day Four – Florida Diary

Hello it’s been a while since day three so I’m sorry if you’re following. Our fourth day was what my boyfriend was most looking forward to as a toy story fan! Today was the day we visit Holly Wood studios. 

As you walk in you get that overwhelming feeling of “this isn’t real” the building are so tall and every detail is catered for a real life movie set! 

Today was HOT and we only had one fast pass for Toy Story Mania as was advised that the lines are alway long! This wasn’t until around 12ish so we had a bit of time to kill so we wondered for a little. 

Not being Star Wars fans we were sceptical of “star tours”. However this was definitely one of my favourite rides, in a nut shell it’s a simulator and you’re on a space ship and are battling the characters in star wars (sorry for the non Star Wars terms)! 

Next we went on The Great American movie ride, which i thought was interesting Callum however could of slept through the whole thing (ops). 

Fourth day in and we are yet to get the obligatory character pictures. So we queued to meet chip and dale, and then after Minnie and Mickey! 

Then it was time for us to play Toy Story Mania, which was fab! Only thing was I pulled my bar down to far so was squished the whole game! Unfortunately they don’t take your picture which I am glad of due to the concentration on my face 😂. 

With it being so hot we decided to call it a day at around 2 and headed back to the hotel for lunch and to chill by the pool! 

By now it was around 4 and we were getting hungry and wanted something other than hotel food so we headed to Disney Springs for some food! We decided on Planet Hollywood I wanted a burger tonight and opted for a chicken burger! 

Food finished and still ready to explore we headed off to Epcot to see what rides we could get on later on! 

First ride was spaceship earth, literally walked onto this ride Callum hated it but I found it ok! 

Next was Sorin! We loved this, don’t know if this was to do with the fact we had a group of girls next to us who didn’t stop screaming and we couldn’t help but laugh at them 😂. 

We then went on the little Mexican boat ride inside Mexico (duh) which was cute! 

Then we wondered into America and Callum couldn’t  help get himself a Turkey Leg! So got myself a slush! 

My sweet tooth was then wanted everything in sight so settled for a Crepe in Paris. Can tell you from going to Paris, they don’t taste similar 🙁

All fueled up we decided to book a fast pass for test track, other than having mentally challenged people that couldn’t follow instructions of sharing the ride was great fun! 

Always time to mess around with some display cars right?

That was our day over a very busy day at that we left Epcot around 9pm just as the fireworks were on just to miss the crowds at the bus stops! 

Thanks again for reading, sorry it’s been a long one! 


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Day Three – Florida Diaries 

What’s that sun? Again I was awake 5am due to jet lag but let the adventures begin again! Headed off to breakfast around 9 again, Micky waffles it was for breakfast second day in a row ops! 

Then hopped on the bus to Animal kingdom, I was so excited for this park as I love animals, started off by going around the park and looking at the animals which was fab. Followed by going on the Kilimanjaro safari which was amazing! 

Got off the ride and refused to believe that it was rain I could feel, definitely off the trees right? WRONG. The heaviest rain I have even seen decided not to buy another poncho and shelter under the smallest shelter in the world. 

Decided to fast pass the rapids until we sat down and decided we would get back off because we were DRENCHED. So again we headed back to the hotel and of course it then brightened up. 

Didn’t want the rain to ruin our day, but didn’t want to chance another park so we hired a two seat bike and wondered around our complex which was huge! 

Hit the showers and freshened up and decided to pop to Disney Springs and have some “proper” food. Ended up in planet Hollywood which is fantastic if you ever visit! 

That was it again for that day I hope you’ve enjoyed reading took more pictures on this day so hope you enjoy them too.