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Big Clothing Haul!!

Hello! I have come to the end of my time off from work from my birthday week off :(. Todays post is going to be a clothing haul as I have just been shopping to find some bits for my holidays, and to have a mooch around! I was going to do a “What I got for my birthday” but I had mostly money so I will leave that for this year I think, anyway I will get started.

Starting off with Zara, with me I find it hard to shop in store at zara. It is always messy which drives my OCD mad and nothing looks like it goes together. However I did manage to find a lovely pair of shorts which are high waisted with a tie waist, love the tie waist trend as bottoms are usually too big on me or hard to get over my bum so I get away with a bigger size and tying the wait tight!18581792_1356561444423443_6180109228209767922_n

Jack Wills was next, usually I never buy anything from here as I feel like it’s a tad pricey but they did however have a sale section. I managed to find to lovely t-shirts the first being the white one (£14) which is a slouchy over sized T, and the pink( £19) just being a normal t-shirt.18557234_1356561454423442_6072400593232236006_n

Next was Primark, it always amazes me how you fill a basket and it comes to less than say £30 MINDBLOWN.

I decided to pick up two pairs of there cotton shorts as I live in these on holiday they are just so comfy and easy to where anywhere, they are also great for bed too!


I have a habit of not being able to walk out of Primark without Pjs, and my dad goes absolutely mental as I drift towards the pj section. However I could not leave these there, I have seen the Marie ones all over Instagram but they didn’t have them, so picked up these for my trip to Florida in two weeks!18557287_1356561487756772_6957208216303490837_n

Flip Flops, every summer I buy these they are stupidly priced at 90p and I take them on holiday and just leave them there, chose pink this year!!

Now for the random bits and bobs they put along the queues at the tills, yano them things you totally need. Mini empty containers, I wanted something to put suncream in for when we are at the disney parks save carrying a huge bottle of suncream with us, so these will come in handy! Next was a hair towel, I dry my hair far too often and I want to start looking after it a big more, so I am currently looking at hair masks (Let me know if you have faves) so got this so I keep my hair out the way while masking!18581692_1356561511090103_2649804178127122713_n

Lush!! I have been seeing everyone on instagram trying out this new “think pink” bath bomb and just had to give it a go. Haven’t used it yet but heard great reviews. Keep an eye on my Instagram for updates!18622574_1356561551090099_5029228829383460590_n.jpg

Last but not least was Pandora, I know pandora is a love or hate thing but I love it so, had a gift card off my dad and decided to get a new ring and I am so obsessed with it. I don’t think it looks like your typical pandora ring either.18619947_1356561554423432_2793318624387475954_n

Anyway thats it for my haul I really hope you enjoyed it.


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Boutique of Molly UK Manhattan Bag Review

Hello again. Todays post is all about Boutique of Molly which I discovered on Instagram! I am not one for boutiques normally as I am always sceptical of quality and usually stick to the usual Asos or Topshop etc. However its important to support smaller businesses and my friends always order from there so thought why the hell not!

They sell everything a normal online store do such as bags, dresses, playsuits and tops. I am a bag addict so decided to start with a bag and see how I go! The lovely people at boutique of molly have give me a 20% off code for you lovely readers which is MELISSAJONES20 (this is off everything so knock your selves out girls and boys).

When your products arrive they come in the cutest pink packaging, who doesn’t love a pink parcel right?


Lets get started then the bag its self is a very good dupe of the Louie Vuitton “never full” handbag, justifying £920 for a bag is a no no for me so I think £25 for this B.O.M is a bargain!!


When it arrived I was amazed at how much space the inside has usually with big bags theres just the one compartment and you turn into Mary Poppins and everything sinks to the bottom. Although in this bag there is 4 pocket compartments as well as the actual inside of the bag, them being two zips and 3 pockets. Zip pockets for me are an absolute seller for me as you can hide all the stuff that you don’t want the world to see!


I love the fact its got a zip then a pocket then another zip on one of the sides as it means you are not cramming all your lady products into one side of the bag! I have used the big pocket to keep my reading glasses, sun glasses, hair ties, my inhaler and a hand cream in as usually they get lost in my bag and I cannot find them!  Then the two zip compartments have all things period in and the other had tablets in (as I am a walking pharmacy).


Another great factor of the bag is that its got a zip you don’t find many tote bags with zips!! My boyfriend goes spare as I will walk around busy cities and airports with my bag wide open for the world to have a mooch, so was impressed to see a zip!


The best thing about tote bags is how comfortable they are to carry this bag is so comfy on the shoulder. I seem to find with totes they are heavy but the weight is well distributed!

If you are interested in this bag in particular then its £25 but if you use my code MELISSAJONES20 then its only £20!

You can visit the Boutique of Molly site HERE they ship to

  • USA
  • UK & EUROPE!

I had my bag delivered on express delivery and it got to me super quick I ordered it on the Friday (weekend + monday was a bank holiday) and received it Wednesday.

Clarifications- I paid for this bag myself.

Hope you enjoyed this review visit my Instagram to see more of my current favourites!   

Melissa ​

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Love me beauty box review (monthly subscription)

Hello again! As I promised I am back with a review of my new monthly beauty subscription box from “love me beauty”.

This box sounds a bit too good to be true to start with you pay £13.95 a month and each month you get 60 credits, then there is a selection of beauty items to pick from!

I picked 4 products in total using up all my 60 credits! I picked the eco tools brush set, make up forever powder, Amie face washes and a suncream for sensitive skin! I was so impressed by the same sizes!

Eco tools six piece starter collection- SO IMPRESSED! I thought these were going to be a travel size kit and they’re actually full size! The brushes look fantastic quality. Cannot wait to try these out!

Ultra sun SPF for sensitive skin- I go on holiday in just over a months time and hate putting sun cream on my face! I’ve bought this hoping it will not be as greasy as normal creams! Very impressed with the sample size this will probably last me my whole holiday!

Amie face wash and moisturiser- these are only 5points and I had 5 left to spend so I just picked these. They look good, sample sizes are quite generous and the packaging is cute!

Make up forever loose powder- I was shocked to see such a high end product in the list! (Also had Kat Von D too!!!!!) I really want to be more adventurous with my make up and I want a good loose powder so dying to try this! The actual container isn’t the biggest but I feel it will last a while!

Well that’s my first love me beauty review! ✅

Like my birch box reviews I will continue to do a review every month!


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10 Spring/Summer must haves! 

Hello happy Easter Sunday hope you’re all chilled out and ready for another post. Today’s post is going to be products that I can’t live without during the spring and summer time! 

  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream- I like to use this in the hot wether as I find my lips get quite dry and burnt this just gives it a little bit of hydration!
  2. Lightweight jacket- denim jackets or macs are great this time of year you don’t want the bulkyness of a coat but it’s still not warm enough to risk going without a jacket (if you live in the U.K.) 
  3. Suncream & oil- I have good skin when it comes to getting a tan in the summer so I do like to use cream and oil. Usually use oil on my legs and arms then cream on mmy shoulders, feet, face and other place where are not usually exposed to the sun, no one wants sun burn😬! 
  4. Deodorant- has to be an obvious one but during the summer I try and make sure I always have a deodorant in my handbag!
  5. After sun- I use after sun if I’ve been in the sun all day even if I’m not burnt your skin is probably dehydrated so after sun is very moisturising I use the garnier one and it smells soo good!!!
  6. Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner- my hair is pretty long so it’s hard to hide from the heat. So now and then I like to soak it in a leave in conditioner just to give it some moisture. 
  7. Simply BB cream- wearing make up in the summer can feel a little nasty and oily so I find this be cream is great just for everyday wear in the sun! 
  8. A good book- nothing beats chilling in your garden or by the pool with a good book you just can’t put down! Any book recommendations are welcome in the comments!!!!
  9. Tote bag or backpack- there is nothing worse that leather straps sticking to your arm in the heat! Love oversized tote bags in the summer as well as backpacks! You always seem to need more stuff everyday too so a bigger bag is easier for that! 
  10. WATER- I don’t leave the house without a water bottle this time of year you need to keep yourself hydrated! 

Thank you so much for reading let me know if there’s anything you cannot live without in the spring/summer. 


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April Birch Box Review

Hello! This months birch box review is brought with great disappointment, it was just Crap. I have canceled my birchbox subscription as of today and started with a new subscription service (ill let you know how i get on).

Lets get started

  • Baija Paris body cream- For me I am more of a body butter lover. I find creams can be a little greasy on my skin so prefer a rich moisturiser. The scent of this one doesn’t really appeal to me I think it smells almost paint like. However the sample size is great, especially for traveling.
  • Polaar ice pure gentle scrub- I have very pore prone skin so I prefer a more of a harder scrub to get rid of all the dirt. Sample size again is great I think I will try this one out.
  • MANNAKADAR beauty powder- this I am excited about as I am currently on the hunt for my favourite powder. After using this for about a week I can positively say this is an amazing product and so glad I’ve discovered the brand!! Definitely check them out! 
  • Model co eyeliner- I am someone who isn’t brave enough to wear liner every day and I only wear it on a night out paired with a smokey eye. So I can’t say I will get much use out of this. However the sample size is great!
  • Seche Vite Top Coat- I hope to god this is good. I never buy a top coat and my nail varnish always chips when I do it my self. Its full size which is great!

Thank you for reading let me know what subscription boxes you get! If you do want to start a birch box subcription get 50% off your first box CLICK HERE 


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My Morning Routine

Hello! Todays post is going to be one of my favourite posts to read myself, “my morning routine” I am a nosy person and like to compare my routine to others. Just to prep you before I start I am not a morning person so this isn’t one of them “I go to the gym and eat my body weight in healthy fruit before I start my day”, nothing wrong with them just mine looks nothing like that!

  1. Wake up- The biggest struggle of all when my alarm goes off, depending on the time I’m due in work I usually wake up between 7 and 9. I usually spend about 10 minutes when I first wake up checking through my phone for any texts, emails or tweets. 16508212_1245547128858209_8802547225010443013_n.jpg
  2. Clean Up- First thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth, nothing I hate more than smelly breath in the morning so its a must as soon as I get up and out of bed! I don’t have a huge skincare routine, I just use the Clinique anti blemish 3 step system, this is a face wash, toner and a moisturiser. I have currently been using this for the last week and I am loving the feel to my face afterwards.16508436_1245547135524875_1745766329050461377_n
  3. Make Up- I have a pretty simple make up routine. I start off with foundation at the moment I am using The L’oreal Infallible Sculpt, then I move on to my contour I am using the Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten (BEST CONTOUR EVER JS). After contour I go on to filling in my eyebrows this is probably takes the longest out of everything, then I like to use Mac soft and gentle to highlight my face. Next up in blush at the moment I am using the Laura Geller blush in Blush and Brighten (PINK) its a gorgeous shimmery pink. Then I go onto using my favourite mascara by soap and glory “Thick & Fast” if you like volume then I recommend!  Depending on where I am going and what I am doing I then pick a lipstick or gloss, Its usually Evas Nude by L’oreal. Lastly I use the max factor Powder to set my make up!
  4. Hair- I am terrible when I comes to my hair in the morning, me and my hair do not get on everyday so I tend not to even try. majority of the time Ill just brush it through then go, others I will straighten or curl it, then you have them days when it is shoved in a bobble on top of my head.
  5. Get Dressed- I usually pick out my outfits the night before especially if I am going out with friends or family and want to look a little nicer and not rushed. If I am just lounging around then its usually Jack Wills joggers or River Island Leggings.
  6. EAT- I am the worst in the mornings and I know I am not the only one. I tend to grab a quick cereal bar before I leave the house. Usually something with chocolate in as I have 0 energy in the morning. If not I will tend to grab a Starbucks croissant or breakfast bap on the way to where ever I am off.

Well thats my quick and easy morning routine, hope you have enjoyed it.


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January Sales Haul

Hello again! So far all I have managed to do in 2017 is internet shop (OPS) sales are so tempting this time of year despite having so much for Christmas. I thought I would do my very first haul.

Heres a flat lay so you guys can see what I have bought

Ill start from the bottom and work my way up the picture!

  1. Heeled ankle boots!! – I am so happy with these, I have been wanting a pair for forever, but they never seemed to have my size in River Island, Debenhams or TopShop. I found these on Asos (Newlook) on the New Look site the only ones  available in sale were wide fit. So I was so happy to find these.                                PRICE- £17.50!  
  2. (petite) Cropped (Culottes) Black Tie Trousers!- During the summer all I wanted was a nice pair of Culottes. I went into New Look recently and tried on a size 6, but they were too big :(. So when I seen they had a 4 online I had to buy them, these were not in the sale, however they were still only £19.99 so still a total steal!!!
  3. Zara Jeggings- I recently bought a pair of jeans from Zara, because I am sick of paying £4o in River Island for a pair of jeans! I LOVE ZARA DENIM, for the price you pay these jeans are amazing they lift you in all the right areas.                                                      PRICE- £12.99!
  4. Stripe Long Sleeve T- I have been stocking up on things with long sleeve T’s now for a while because they’re such a staple piece in your wardrobe. I bought this from Topshop, and I absolutely love it the stripes on the arms and body are all going in different directions which makes it different to the normal striped T!                                PRICE-£12.00
  5. 2x Slogan T’s- I am so into slogan T’s ATM, theyre just so easy to wear with leggings and jeans for them days where you want a nice outfit but don’t want to be too over dressed! I love these two from ZARA. I think Zara do the best T shirts whether you want a plain white T, a sequin T or a slogan T!                                                                               (Black T )PRICE- £3.99 (WHITE T)PRICE- £5.99
  6. Nude expensive T-  Again with the slogan T’s but this time this was from ASOS. I loved everything about this one the colour is gorgeous not so much nude but a light/deep purple! I had this in my wish list for ages so I just had to buy it as it went in sale!                                                                                                                                                          PRICE- £7.00
  7. Turtle Neck- I go to Paris the end of the month and it’s going to be chilly :(! I found this in H&M’s sale its quite thin but I don’t like jumpers too thick, as I find I get too hot with a coat on too! The material of this is beautiful, so soft!!                                            PRICE- £20
  8. Green round neck jumper- Again another jumper this one a little but more chunkier. I am loving the colour green ATM so I couldn’t leave this there again it was not in the sale, however it was SO SO CHEAP, there was other colours there too!!                              PRICE- £7.99
  9. Lace Black T- Again this wasn’t in the sale, but wasn’t too expensive and was too pretty to leave! It is just a simple cropped black T but with lace all around the sleeves and hem of the top!! Because the top is black the lace is not that intense!                         PRICE- £22.00 

Thats all I have bought from the “sales”! Let me know if you want to see more hauls on my blog, thanks for reading. Please attach your sale hauls in the comments I would love to have a read.