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Whats In My Evening Bag?

Happy Sunday, I am so excited writing this post as I go on holiday in two days! Jetting off to sunny Florida, I have not scheduled anything to go up while I am away as I want to escape from everything and just relax. I will be posting on my Instagram so follow me over there to follow me around Florida!

However, that aside todays blog post is going to be a whats in my evening bag post. There is nothing worse than taking a huge bag out with you at night, say on a date night or if you are catching a movie with friends. I am using the Molly Boutiques Marseille bag, this bag is only £30 and is available here, use the code ‘melissajones20’ for 20% off EVERYTHING!

A Bit About My Bag

The bag its self has three compartments which is great as I carry way too much stuff, the 3 pockets are very roomy and have a lot of space. It is bigger than a lot of shoulder bags which I have had in the past, which is a good thing and the reason I tend to get bigger bags! The bag as a flap which fastens with a magnet, which is good as everything is secure.

This bag is black and perfect as it goes with any outfit, it has gold hardware which is a lovely touch to the bag makes it look so much more expensive than what it is!

Whats In It?

I try and keep the bare necessity, I try not to overload it with stuff I don’t need, So I like to keep it simple!

  • Card Holder/Wallet – If I am using this bag then I will change my wallet from a big one to just a card holder. This usually just contains my Debit card, some change and any loyalty cards I may need that night (aka nandos).
  • Phone- Although its nice to be social I cannot leave the house without my phone.
  • Lipstick- If I am wearing lipstick then I will carry that lipstick with me just to top up as the night goes on.
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream- I honestly cannot live without this stuff, I carry it with me incase I get a cut or my lips chap!
  • Keys

    Thats all I really carry about with me at night, I keep it nice and simple as I hate carrying a heavy bag around with me.

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    Boutique of Molly UK Manhattan Bag Review

    Hello again. Todays post is all about Boutique of Molly which I discovered on Instagram! I am not one for boutiques normally as I am always sceptical of quality and usually stick to the usual Asos or Topshop etc. However its important to support smaller businesses and my friends always order from there so thought why the hell not!

    They sell everything a normal online store do such as bags, dresses, playsuits and tops. I am a bag addict so decided to start with a bag and see how I go! The lovely people at boutique of molly have give me a 20% off code for you lovely readers which is MELISSAJONES20 (this is off everything so knock your selves out girls and boys).

    When your products arrive they come in the cutest pink packaging, who doesn’t love a pink parcel right?


    Lets get started then the bag its self is a very good dupe of the Louie Vuitton “never full” handbag, justifying £920 for a bag is a no no for me so I think £25 for this B.O.M is a bargain!!


    When it arrived I was amazed at how much space the inside has usually with big bags theres just the one compartment and you turn into Mary Poppins and everything sinks to the bottom. Although in this bag there is 4 pocket compartments as well as the actual inside of the bag, them being two zips and 3 pockets. Zip pockets for me are an absolute seller for me as you can hide all the stuff that you don’t want the world to see!


    I love the fact its got a zip then a pocket then another zip on one of the sides as it means you are not cramming all your lady products into one side of the bag! I have used the big pocket to keep my reading glasses, sun glasses, hair ties, my inhaler and a hand cream in as usually they get lost in my bag and I cannot find them!  Then the two zip compartments have all things period in and the other had tablets in (as I am a walking pharmacy).


    Another great factor of the bag is that its got a zip you don’t find many tote bags with zips!! My boyfriend goes spare as I will walk around busy cities and airports with my bag wide open for the world to have a mooch, so was impressed to see a zip!


    The best thing about tote bags is how comfortable they are to carry this bag is so comfy on the shoulder. I seem to find with totes they are heavy but the weight is well distributed!

    If you are interested in this bag in particular then its £25 but if you use my code MELISSAJONES20 then its only £20!

    You can visit the Boutique of Molly site HERE they ship to

    • USA
    • UK & EUROPE!

    I had my bag delivered on express delivery and it got to me super quick I ordered it on the Friday (weekend + monday was a bank holiday) and received it Wednesday.

    Clarifications- I paid for this bag myself.

    Hope you enjoyed this review visit my Instagram to see more of my current favourites!   

    Melissa ​