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6 Secret Santa Ideas (£5 and under)

Hi everyone welcome back to another Blogmas post! These days a big part of Christmas is gift giving and wether its in work, school, among friends or families, secret santa is becoming more and more popular. My works keep it to a £5 limit that way if you get someone that you hardly know then you don’t have to rattle your brains and spend weeks wondering what you can get them!

I will pick 3 presents you can get a man and three a woman just incase you get either this year! Anyway lets get started..


  • Joke present- if the person you pick for secret santa this year is someone that you know you have a laugh and joke with why not pick a novelty present.
  • Shower gel/deodorant set- BORING but SAFE, especially if you get someone that you don’t know that well, or that smell (we all have that one person in work right?).
  • Chocolate/Sweets- if you’re really struggling then get a cardboard box wrap it up and fill it with their favourite sweets, because everything looks more put together in a box right?


  • Fluffy socks and hot chocolate- If you don’t know the woman you pick then this is a really safe option. Primark sell fluffy socks for £1.50 so two pairs of them and some hot chocolate and you’re good to go!
  • Soap and glory- I got this last year for someone, they do a couple of sets for £5 and these look way more expensive that £5, every woman loves a pamper right?
  • Joke present- Inside jokes in families, friendships and work places are forever going so joke related presents will never fail!

I hope this helped some of you out this Christmas! Thanks so much for reading..


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Christmas Room Tour

I love Christmas and one of my favourite parts is decorating my room all festive. I thought seeming as its the 1st of December I would quickly give you a tour around my room! I have decided against blogmas, as when I was pre-planning posts I felt like I was being very repetitive. So instead I am just going to be posting as and when during the month of December!

To start with my chest of draws.. I have a 4ft pop up christmas tree from Tesco which is decorated all in pink to match my room. Next to that I have my current favourite Christmas scent by Yankee candle and my advent calendar! To the left is my copper basket from Primark with all my daily essentials in.  24232159_1539758589437060_7837499836910168858_n

Along the top of my bed I have Christmas bunting from Home Bargains. I haven’t bought any Christmas bedding this year have just added my reindeer cushions from Asda, to make my bed look a little more festive. 24131100_1539758586103727_1902975618195635092_nThere is not a lot festive about my dressing table other than its tidy! I am however burning “All is Bright” by Yankee candle and it smells amazing. 24301188_1539758592770393_4578914123755725648_n

Only way to show this is in the dark, so sorry for the bad quality. but I have no curtains in my room at the moment and I have reindeer lights from Primark along my curtain pole! 24131609_1539758579437061_3467813831214111974_n

So that was short and sweet right? Thank you so much for reading, attach your Christmas room tours in the comments below.


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Bourjois Holiday Collection – Influenster

This month I was chosen to receive a Vox box from Influenster. If you have never heard of it, it’s an app where you review products and gain points then some people are sent PR samples!! In a nutshell it’s a great idea. I was randomly picked to be sent the Bourjois Holiday collection, I was so happy as I love there products so getting them for free was a bonus.

In total I was sent 8 full size products they were the following

Healthy Mix Foundation

Healthy Mix concealer

Push up mascara

3x Rouge Velvet lipstick

Smokey stories eyeshadow palette

Blush in shade 34 Rose D’or

I have tried 7 out of eight products so I will do a quick review on each of them on this post!

I have used healthy Mix foundation years ago and it is not as I remember I was shocked at how much coverage it had! Despite not being my colour I mixed it with a bit of Clinique and the coverage is amazing! I’ve found it stays on all day too giving a dewy look all day!

I love this mascara, I am a mascara addict hence the name of my blog. This is a little tricky at first but it gives you lovely long separated lashes!!

This palette is the only item from the collection I am yet to try. I am however petrified to try out purple!

I have been dying to try this out for so long! Gutted I didn’t get it sooner it is so soft on the skin and such a beautiful natural Rosey pink! However I am terrified of dropping it as it looks like it would crumble….

I am so shocked with the staying power of these lipsticks! The pigmentation of the lipsticks is amazing I think I would only wear 2/3 colours as one is a little too brown for me but I’m so happy. They apply so smooth and they don’t drag on your lips!

There we go so that’s what I got in my Vox box! I hope you enjoyed seeing this let me know your favourite Bourjois products! Thank you for reading!!


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Primark False Nail Review

Hello we are almost to the end of November and I cannot believe how close Christmas is creeping up on us… I am going to try and do Blogmas this year (emphasis on the word try), but I thought I would put up a short review tonight on the Primark false nails.

Primark nails have made a break through the last month or so and as a nail fanatic I could not wait to get my hands on a set or two. Now there are so many different colours and shapes matte or glitter you name it, its there. Sets of 24 range from £1-£3 depending on what you want.

I picked up two sets both were £2 each so in total £4 for 48 nails and two sets of glue bargain right? I went for “Rose Glam” which is a gorgeous pink glitter and Desire which is a mix of dark pink and glitter!

I have tiny finger nails so I knew I would have to do quite a bit of modifying to make the nail fit mine nicely. Away I went and glued the nails on, the glue is very strong and will stick your fingers together (as I found). They went on lovely and looked so pretty!

I applied the nails on Wednesday night before going to bed, they then lasted a full 9 hour shift in retail! Which I was so impressed with to say the least, Friday was an easy day of Traveling and walking around Blackpool but they lasted all day.. I lost the first nail at 00:30 on Saturday morning after a few drinks since Saturday I have now lost 4 nails!

Despite them only lasting 3 full days I am still pretty impressed with them, they are such a good idea for christmas party season, and if you don’t want to pay £30 for a set of acrylics. I don’t think I would recommend them if you’re going on holiday and don’t want to have to faff about with your nails if they come off.

Thank you so much for reading


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Skin Care Routine (Oily Skin)

Hello again, I posted on my Instagram last week about my skincare routine and a lot of followers were really interested in what products I use. So this Sundays post is going to be my daily/ weekly skincare routine, for oily/acne skin type. I have never had great skin since I was about 13, I feel like these products that I am using at the moment are the only products that have give me any results…

Obviously its going to be different for everyone and these products are not guarantee going to work on your skin. However if I help one of you thats a start I guess…

Monday Morning– Wash face using The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash

Monday Evening– Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water

Tuesday Morning- Wash face using The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash

Tuesday Evening- Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water

Wednesday Morning- Wash face using warm water and wash cloth (no product)  

Wednesday Evening – Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water. Apply L’oreal Detox mask and leave on for around 15 minutes.

Thursday Morning- Wash face using warm water and wash cloth (no product)

Thursday Evening – Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water. Apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Mask (leave on all night).

Friday Morning- Wash face using warm water and wash cloth (no product)

Friday Evening –  Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water.

Saturday Morning- Wash face using The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash

Saturday Evening – Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water.

Sunday Morning – Wash face using warm water and wash cloth (no product)

Sunday Evening- Remove make up using Liz Earl Cleanse and polish and remove left over eye make up with Nivea Micellar water. Apply a face mask depending on condition of skin.

As you can see reading through I try to take a break every couple of days from using Tea Tree oil, as too much can strip some of the natural oils in your skin. If I am having a particularly bad skin week then I will increase the amount of detox masks and tea tree products.

Products used in this post:-

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November Love Me Beauty (Monthly Subscription)

Hello, this week has gone quick how is it Wednesday, like every month I am going to share what I have received from my love me beauty box. Unfortunately I was so disappointed with this months edit, so I have actually cancelled my direct debit for next month. All the new items cost 100+ credits (you have 60 per month), and I wasn’t willing to pay more for their new edit. I did however have a lot of referral credits so I decided that I would spend them all this month and cancel. If next months edit is good I think I will join again but who knows…. If you are signed up to subscription services then let me know!

First Item I picked out is the custom coverage buffing brush by Eco Tools, I do own this brush already but I want one to keep in my boyfriends and one to keep at home as carry my brushes back and to is a nightmare.

Next I picked up the Enhancing Eye Set also from Eco Tools, I never spend much money on eye brushes as I am not the best at eyeshadow. However these are great for traveling as they’re double sided.Next item I picked, was another brush from Eco Tools which is the Skin Perfecting Brush, I am desperate for a new contour brush and this one looked really firm. Now stepping away from the make up brush madness, the next item is an eye cream by Caudalie. I have never tried an eye cream before and want to know what all the fuss is about before I invest into an expensive one! I have terrible tired looking eyes and this cream is supposed to be energising to I am hoping to see some result. Next item is a make up item by So Susan Cosmetics, and it is a highlighting pencil. Now I picked a highlighting pencil out last month and am still yet to use it but I love the colour of this one and just couldn’t leave it there. I am hoping it is going to work perfect on the inner corners and brow bone! Another Caudalie product now, but this time its a Radiance Face Serum. I am currently using SkinKissed and am loving using a serum in my day to day routine. However I am wanting to try a different serum now as my face is so dull with no make up.  (any tips please leave in the comments)Back to the make up, I picked this up I think 2 months ago in a Love Me Beauty Edit and I am LOVING IT. I am such a sucker for a good lip gloss and this girls/boys, if you love a nude lip then you need this gloss in your life. Buxom is a relatively new brand but they now sell it in Debenhams!!  This Perricone MD Facial wash really intrigued me, I have never tried a face wash that is not a cream/ gel before so I am so interested to try this out! It is citrus as well so I am hoping that it will help out with my dullness in my skin!  

There we go then so that (could be my last) Love Me Beauty haul, If not then I will see you around the same time next month, who knows I might try out a new box in December, so let me know what boxes you all get!!

Thank you so much for reading…


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POPBand London – Review

Hello, I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging again as I have became so lazy. I also need a hobby besides shopping at the moment as I am now SKINT. About 4 months ago in my Love Me Beauty subscription box I picked one of the POP bands hair ties not knowing what to expect. I have heard such good reviews about these hair ties but do they really work?

These hair ties are supposed to be kind and gentle to your hair, I can confirm this 100%! I tend to buy my hair ties from Primark and get 50 for £1 which is amazing but if I wear my hair in a pony tail all day I do start to get a headache. These pop bands do not hurt my head or pull any of my hair out when I pull the hair tie out, which is something that I dread when having my hair up all day.

Not only are pop bands kind to your hair/head, they look a lot cuter that your average black hair tie on your wrist. I am someone who always has a hair tie on their wrist.

They don’t just do hair ties they also sell hair bands and shoe laces, so perfect for you active folk out there.  I am yet to try anything other than the hair ties but I am sure I will have to invest soon, If you have tried any then do let me know in the comments below!

The designs are something I feel as if they are KILLIN! They have your essential colours i.e. black, nude and brown but they also sell glittery bands and CHRISTMAS designs yes thats correct they have christmas designs available! Down below I will include some of my current favourite designs!