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Day Five – Florida Diary

Hello again! Day Five was all about the Alligators, my boyfriend still dying to see an alligator in Florida we decided to visit GatorLand!

Can't remember exactly how much it was to get in but I think it was around $40 for us both which isn't too bad. Today's weather was in our favour too it was scorching hot!

We got up really early had a quick breakfast and booked an uber for 9:30!

Entering the park was no Disney experience, two steps in and there is hundreds of baby alligators in little swamps and then HUGE alligators swimming around.

We had a look around the whole park first to get our bearings there was alligators, tortoise, panthers, birds and deers

Oh and goats which are now my favourite animal and I totally want one as a pet….

Staying on the trend of feeding animals we decided to feed the HUGE tortoise we worked out he weighed around 44 stone 😮. For $5 dollars we got a pear on a stick and fed 2 tortoise!

Hungry, hot and tired we called it a day and booked an uber which took up back to the hotel!

After chilling out for a little while it was still boiling so we heading to Blizzard Beach one of Disney's water parks. Have no pictures I'm afraid. We spent about an hour here until a HUGE storm hit and we were told not to go in the water! We headed for lunch in a QS restaurant in BB and I had pizza and Callum had a burger. After waiting around an hour the rain only got worse so we headed back to the hotel.

We then decided to hop into our pool for the next hour because what else can you do in the rain on holiday?

We showered got ready and headed off to animal kingdom for our reservation in Rainforest. I have no pictures of our food but it was DELICIOUS. I had chicken with cheese and pasta, Callum had fish and chips.

We then decided to watch animal kingdoms light show. Both of us were very disappointed with this, I think after seeing MKs fireworks it's a bit of a downgrade but it was a lovely night!

Then that was it for the day we went to sleep very early for a early start at universal tomorrow.


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