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Whats In My Evening Bag?

Happy Sunday, I am so excited writing this post as I go on holiday in two days! Jetting off to sunny Florida, I have not scheduled anything to go up while I am away as I want to escape from everything and just relax. I will be posting on my Instagram so follow me over there to follow me around Florida!

However, that aside todays blog post is going to be a whats in my evening bag post. There is nothing worse than taking a huge bag out with you at night, say on a date night or if you are catching a movie with friends. I am using the Molly Boutiques Marseille bag, this bag is only Β£30 and is available here, use the code ‘melissajones20’ for 20% off EVERYTHING!

A Bit About My Bag

The bag its self has three compartments which is great as I carry way too much stuff, the 3 pockets are very roomy and have a lot of space. It is bigger than a lot of shoulder bags which I have had in the past, which is a good thing and the reason I tend to get bigger bags! The bag as a flap which fastens with a magnet, which is good as everything is secure.

This bag is black and perfect as it goes with any outfit, it has gold hardware which is a lovely touch to the bag makes it look so much more expensive than what it is!

Whats In It?

I try and keep the bare necessity, I try not to overload it with stuff I don’t need, So I like to keep it simple!

  • Card Holder/Wallet – If I am using this bag then I will change my wallet from a big one to just a card holder. This usually just contains my Debit card, some change and any loyalty cards I may need that night (aka nandos).
  • Phone- Although its nice to be social I cannot leave the house without my phone.
  • Lipstick- If I am wearing lipstick then I will carry that lipstick with me just to top up as the night goes on.
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream- I honestly cannot live without this stuff, I carry it with me incase I get a cut or my lips chap!
  • Keys

    Thats all I really carry about with me at night, I keep it nice and simple as I hate carrying a heavy bag around with me.


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