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My Top 5 Eyeshadow Pallets!ย 

Hello happy (easter๐Ÿฅ) Saturday this is my second post of the Easter holiday break hope you enjoyed my last one Click Here to read it! 

Today’s post is going to be my top 5 eye shadow pallets! Now there’s a lot of hype over new pallets but are they actually worth the money!? 

  1. In first place has got to be the Naked 2 pallet, I think this was one of the first high end pallets I bought and it’s lasted it years! The colours in it are everything I tend to go for from night to day and there’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers to give you an assortment of looks! 
  2. Naked 3 shock another one, I honestly cannot fault the naked pallets love the 3rd one for the pinky gold colours it has and again, how you can wear it day and night 
  3. Morphe Taupe pallet there is so many looks you can do with this pallete and so many transition colours that most pallets don’t have! Only thing is there’s A LOT of chose so I do find it had to aspire a look at first glance! For the money of this product you get way more than what you pay for! 
  4. Sorry but another UD Gwen stafani pallet, unsure if this is still available but such a beautiful pallet with some darks, lights and brights in there. 
  5. The naked ultimate basics, if you don’t want a pallet for subtle every day looks then sorry this is a no for you. However for them days where I’m going to work or for food with friends and want more technical make up look then the colours in this pallet are perfect! Especially love the orangey colour! 

All in all I think this proves that Urban Decay pallets are worth the ยฃ40+ spend. Let me know what pallets you love at the moment in the comments. 



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