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What’s in my Travel Make up bag?

Hello and happy easter๐Ÿฅ. I hope you’re all knee deep in chocolate eggs and ready for a 4 day Easter break! 

I thought with it being Easter I would try and blog each day so today’s post is my make up travel bag. I am never home either at my boyfriends, on holiday or in work so my travel make up bag has kinda become my only make up collection at the moment so I thought I would show you what I use everyday. 

(Heads up I don’t carry a eye pallet with me, unless I’m going out at night). I’ll start from the left to the right. 

  1. Urban Decay Perversion mascara- honestly one of my all time favourites this. It has a very thick brush but it doesn’t clump!!! Colour payoff is fantastic and leaves your lashes jet black and long!
  2. Bobbi Brown eye brow pencil in grey- if you have read some of my other make up posts then you’ll know I love this. It glides on great and stays put all day!! 
  3. Benefit they’re real double the lip- I had this in my birch box in march and I think I will be buying a full size of this because I’m so in love with it. It’s not often I find a lip product that doesn’t make my lips chap or isn’t oily or blah blah this one is beautiful! Perfect for any occasion you can build it up too! 
  4. Laura Geller Powder Foundation- I don’t use this as a foundation I use it to set my powder and give me extra coverage. It’s really good and gives you that really flawless skin look! (Laura geller is such a looked over brand!!!) 
  5. NYX colour correcting pallet- as you can see I have used some of these colours to the pan but you never know when your going to have redness, black under eyes or any discolouration on your skin. This does the job perfectly. 
  6. POREfessional by benefit- I am not one for primers normally but I’m trying to find one I like (that’s why it’s only a sample,so far so good). I really do notice a difference in my foundation when I use this before! 
  7. NYX colour correction concealer- as you properly saw I used all the yellow in the NYX pallet so this is a must for me! I wouldn’t say it’s as good as the cream but hey ho it does the job! (LA Girl one is better) 
  8. Milani Conceal + Perfect foundation- I love this foundation, it’s I’d say full coverage doesn’t leave that oily residue that some foundations leave and it stays out all day. Although this is a little dark and I do need to mix a little mac in when I’m not wearing tan. 
  9. Boiing by benefit- best concealer I have ever tried hands down. Really does the job of covering up all them imperfections. Especially good for under eyes! 
  10. Too Faced sweetheart bronzer- I use this as a contour as I think to bronze it would be way too dark for my skin. Works great for me as a contour, nice rich chocolate colour not orange! 
  11. NYX ombrรฉ blush- I am so fussy with blushers as I don’t like bright pinks this one is pink but ombrรฉs from a dark almost bronzed pink so gives you more of a darker cheek!
  12. Illamasque highlighter in beyond- love this gives a very prominent glow and you need very little! 

For brushes I like to keep it simple and not have too many! 

  1. Foundation brush or blender (sorry they’re not in the pic). 
  2. Powder brush 
  3. Contour brush 
  4. Blusher brush (Real Techniques brush is out of this world) 
  5. La tweeze powder brush for highlighter 
  6. NYX two sided eyebrow brush

Thanks so much for reading hopefully I’ll have another post for you tomorrow! P.s the make up bag is from Matalan)



3 thoughts on “What’s in my Travel Make up bag?

      1. I’ve not tried the bronzer & im looking for a new one for before I go away this summer so I’ll deffooo try this one!!! Xx


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