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April Birch Box Review

Hello! This months birch box review is brought with great disappointment, it was just Crap. I have canceled my birchbox subscription as of today and started with a new subscription service (ill let you know how i get on).

Lets get started

  • Baija Paris body cream- For me I am more of a body butter lover. I find creams can be a little greasy on my skin so prefer a rich moisturiser. The scent of this one doesn’t really appeal to me I think it smells almost paint like. However the sample size is great, especially for traveling.
  • Polaar ice pure gentle scrub- I have very pore prone skin so I prefer a more of a harder scrub to get rid of all the dirt. Sample size again is great I think I will try this one out.
  • MANNAKADAR beauty powder- this I am excited about as I am currently on the hunt for my favourite powder. After using this for about a week I can positively say this is an amazing product and so glad I’ve discovered the brand!! Definitely check them out! 
  • Model co eyeliner- I am someone who isn’t brave enough to wear liner every day and I only wear it on a night out paired with a smokey eye. So I can’t say I will get much use out of this. However the sample size is great!
  • Seche Vite Top Coat- I hope to god this is good. I never buy a top coat and my nail varnish always chips when I do it my self. Its full size which is great!

Thank you for reading let me know what subscription boxes you get! If you do want to start a birch box subcription get 50% off your first box CLICK HERE 



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