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How I Clean My Make Up Brushes.

Hi there, welcome to my blog todays post is going to be a tutorial (I guess) on how I clean my make up brushes. I bet some of you like myself don’t even realise how much excess make up and also bacteria is on your brush until you break out in spots? I don’t use any fancy £20+ brush cleaner like some of the Youtubers out there promote this will cost you max of £3.


  • Johnsons Baby Shampoo £1.09 Superdrug (or go to your local £1 shop)
  • (OPTIONAL) Brush Egg £1.39 Amazon
  1. Wash your hands with soap, whats the point of cleaning your brushes with dirty hands right?
  2. apply a pea size amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand or brush egg which ever you want to use.
  3. Rinse your brush under warm water.
  4. Swirl your brush in the palm of your hand or brush egg, rinse and repeat until no excess make up comes off.
  5. Lay on a towel flat to dry.

Quick and easy eh? If you are so lazy when it comes to cleaning your brushes like me then this is such a quick way to do it.

Please leave your own tips below would love to find out how other people clean their brushes


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