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Whats in my bag?

Hello and happy Sunday, I hope you all had a good week and are relaxing all day today. Todays post is going to be an undated whats in my bag post, so lets get started..

Just a disclaimer I have not cleared my bag out before writing this post its a complete true whats in my (messy) bag. My bag is a tan Jasper Conran from Debenhams, I have 3 of these bags now and completely love them. I’m sure this one is still available and I believe they have brought it out in some SS17 colours!


I wasn’t lying when I said mess right? So firstly a months worth of receipts, I am guilty of just throwing them in the bottom of my bag and before I know it I have about 50 crumpled up papers in my bag. A tangle teaser, for someone with really long hair walking to work can cause my hair to turn into a bush so I always make sure I have one on me at all times. The same for dry shampoo I have oily hair so sometimes my hair needs a little spritz in the middle of the day (currently have Phillip Kingsley available on Birch Box). Next is my inhalers the cold weather and pollen really triggers my asthma so I make sure I always have a set in my bag. Sure deodorant I work In retail and it can get very hot so I like having a deodorant at easy reach, I also carry hair crips for this reason to get the hair off the back of my neck. For glasses I carry both sunglasses and reading glasses with me just incase I am suffering from a headache or if the sun decides to make an appearance. I carry quite a big purse around as I like having a variety of notes, coin and cards on me at all times, my purse is also Jasper Conran. I try to be as organised as possible when it comes to birthdays and events so i carry a little diary around with me for that reason and also so I know when I need to book holidays in work! Β Headphones, for the rare occasion I need to get the bus or watch a stupid facebook video on my dinner. Lastly keys I have two sets work keys and my house keys.


Now for the little front pocket, this is my part for little bits that get lost easy in the bottom of my bag. Pens, always useful to have to hand so I carry two with me! Iron tablets, for them days when I am feeling a bit under the weather and tired. Hand cream for after eating nothing worse than your hands smelling of them cheese and onion crisps you indulged in at lunch right ? Lip balm for when I am suffering form chapped lips, and lastly chewing gums just to freshen up after lunch or after a long day.

Thank you for reading my whats in my bag, let me know your handbag essentials.



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