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Products I wouldn’t repurchase!

Hello there! I thought because I have a day off work today I might as well catch up on a little bit of blogging! Todays post will be in contrast to my usual posts, I am normally very positive on my blog and tend to write about products I love. So instead I thought I would fill you in on products I haven’t loved, because there is nothing worse than not knowing what a product is really like!

  • Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics- Ok chill, I know that so many people rave over this pallet and so did I when I first opened it. However I am not reaching for it as much as I reach for my Naked 2,3 and Smokey its as it said basic :/ (duh). If you have any of the naked pallets I would say stick to them and don’t fork out another £40+ for this as majority of the shades are in the Naked Pallets.  If you do want a Matte Basic’s pallet then I would say look at the Morphe Pallets as you get more than double the shades you get in the UD pallet.
  •  Benefit High beam- Luckily I only have a tester/travel size bottle of this, I was so excited to try this out! However I have very good skin it can take any type of cream,make up lotion and I have no reaction, but when I apply this highlighter my cheek bones sting! The highlight is not the best its very hard to blend and looks glittery and cakey!
  • Yes To cucumber Face wipes- I only bought these while ASOS were in sale and I was desperate for wipes. I think I paid around £2, ( RRP £4). These made me break out so much they smelt great but I think maybe the scent messed my skin about. Found my skin going dry getting more spots than usual. I usually buy baby wipes (johnsons) because 1. if they’re good enough for new born baby’s then I think my 19 year old skin can deal with them and 2. they’re like £1!
  • Corsodyl Toothpaste -Helps stop bleeding gums, I mean it does do what it says if you can stick to using it every morning! The taste is revolting the only way I can describe it is the moulds dentists put in your mouth when you have braces that makes you gag! I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are desperate as its quite pricey. (if you do know of a tooth paste like this one that tastes good let me know!)
  • St. Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub- Despite smelling delicious this unfortunately did nothing for my skin and did not fight my blemishes. If you are looking for a good face scrub then clean and clear do great ones!

  • Tresemme dry shampoo- I was so excited to try this as it was on offer and nearly £3 cheaper than Batiste. However it did nothing for my oily hair, I need a heavy duty dry shampoo something that will soak up the oils and this one feels wet when you spray it and made my hair worse!
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Oil- I bought this in the hope it would make my dead ends more nourished, it did for about 1 hour after applying it but once it started to sink in my hair felt slimy and heavy!

    Thank you for reading let me know some things you haven’t loved.



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