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February Favourites!

Yet again that month flew by we have finally paid off our Florida holiday ✈️ and I have been using lots of new products this month and been trying to look after my skin this month as last month all I seemed to do is break out. Anyway I’ll get started with what I have been loving this month!

Beauty+Make Up

  • Nivea micellar water- I got stuck in the routine of using face wipes so using a different form of Make Up remover I usually use the garnier one but the Nivea one feels a lot lighter and I’m loving it, also great at removing eye make up! 
  • Milani concealer and foundation- I bought this about a week or two ago and so far I’m in love it hasn’t made me break out and it doesn’t make my skin all oily and heavy like some foundations can really impressed by this it’s only £11 too!
  • Sleek contour pallete- when I first bought this I shyed away from it until now. I have hit pan on the yellowish cream already and just hit pan on the concealer! I have just started to play around with the contour colours and I am happy to say I’m getting the hang of it! It’s a lot lighter than the powder I normally use so for my every day look I’ve been using this! 
  • Hair claws/clamps- I used to be obsessed with these when I was in school they’re just so easy to wear! If you’ve read my blog for a while then I have mentioned that I am lazy when it comes to my hair care routine so these clips are a lifesaver! I like using them too when I’m going to bed I’ll clip the hair on top of my head and it doesn’t leave a kink like a bobble would!
  • Brow gel- I have the Bobbi brown brow gel and I can’t decide if I love it or hate it, (makes no sense why’s it in this post then Melissa?) despite my confusion I have used it every single day and am preferring it over my bold brows at the moment as I’m enjoying the look it’s giving my natural brow. Might try a powder soon or the Anastasia brow gel! 

TV, Food and other

  • Power (Netflix series)- honestly one of the best series I’ve ever watched. In a nut shell its about a young man who is the lead drug distributor in New York. It follows his life the lives of his friends, family and enemies and how his actions affect everything. 
  • Brunch bars (cadburys)- I am the worst for skipping breakfast so these are great I’m a sucker for chocolate in the morning so these bars kill two birds with one stone! 
  • YouTube- as always this month I watch my usual videos each week. I am still loving Vegan Family who have now renamed their channel to family fizz also saconnejolys, Samantha Maria I would definitely say my favourite channels are family vloggers. 
  • Toni and Guy hair brush- a bit of a weird one right? My hair gets so tangled and uncontrollable this brush makes life so much easier. It’s so gentle on the hair and the Brussels are not hard! 
  • Sim City (App) – I’ve been playing this for a while now it’s an easy game to play all you do is create your own town only thing I hate is it runs my battery down so quickly! 

That’s all for my favourites this month let me know what you have been liking this month in the comments below! 


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