Beauty Bay and Superdrug haul!

Hello again everyone I hope you’re having a good week so far.Last week I was feeling sorry for myself so I decided to do a little bit of internet shopping.

Beauty bay


I only bought 2 things from beauty bay as I was 100% impulse buying and it’s not like I need any more make up.

-First thing I found was the LA Girl CC concealer in the colour Yellow. I have the worst under eye circles I have tried this out and I love the actual product, the only thing I don’t like is as soon as I used it I felt like there was more air than product inside and when I squeezed it, it took a while for the product to see the brush! (£5)

-Last thing I found was the Milani 2 in one foundation and concealer. I have been looking for a new foundation for ages now. I was really pleased with this after the first trail of it, its not too thick but it has a really good coverage and I found unlike a lot of foundations it actually hides dark under eye circles! (£11)



This was the most random order ever I will warn you now, I was in that mood where I just felt the need to buy something new!

-Cotton pads, boring boring but I always run out of these because I use them every single day to remove my make up and to apply toners.

-Make Up revolution Lipstick in The One, I love M.U.R eye shadow palettes and I had this lipstick just sat in my account and they are only £1. I have however swatched this on my hand and it did not glide as easy as I like so time will tell.

-Nivea’s Micealler water I could not live with out Micealler water I usually turn for the Garnier one but I have used the Nivea one before and I did like it so for £1 something I couldn’t leave it there.

-Tea tree oil, I do not know whats wrong with my skin at the moment, it could be the weather but I keep breaking out with horrible spots. I used to use tea tree oil a lot when I suffered with “teenager spots” and it really helped so hopefully it will help out my skin.

– Bondi Sands tanning Milk, now I love this stuff I love a good tan but it can be a real hassle exfoliating moisturising and reapplying it like every week. I find this stuff really good for maintaining a natural tan without all the faff.

-Nivea Lip Fruity Shine in strawberry, all my lips have done recently are chap and crack so I have bought your classic lip balm.

Thats all I have bought for this haul sorry if it was a little short and sweet but I hope you enjoyed it.



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