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Valentine’s Day make up look

Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you are in a relationship or single this make up look will look great what ever the situation. This look will look great what ever you have planned for the 14th of febπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ. 

  1. First of all I start off with my LA Girl Pro Concealer this is the Yellow shade. I applied this under my eyes in a triangle shape, this gets rid of my dark bags under my eyes! 
  2. Next I use the Bobbi Broen Tinted eye brighter in light – medium. I use this on any imperfections I.e. Spots or any redness. 
  3. For foundation I am using the Milani Conceal and Perfect in the colour 03 Light Beige. I LOVE THIS it is a full coverage foundation and very fresh on the skin doesn’t feel too cakey but allows you to hide all them imperfections. 
  4. Now for contour I use the Laura Geller Bronze N Brighten in medium. I cannot stress how beautiful this contour is! It has specs of purple and pink in and it really helps add definition! I apply this on my cheek bones, sides of my nose and either side of my forehead. 
  5. Next for blusher I’m using the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact in rose. This is defo worth the money as it lasts for so long!! I apply a small amount to the centres of my cheeks and blend it in. 
  6. Now for Bronzer I use the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer and brush it lightly all over my face! 
  7. Highlighter I have used is the Bobbi Brown highlighter in Pink Glow it’s so subtle yet so sparkly with that pink undertone to it. 
  8. I thought with it being Valentine’s Day I thought I would go for a very warm eye make up. Using the Naked Basics palette I applied GLOW all over the lid as a base, then I added COMMANDO all over the lid as well! Then in the crease I use INSTICT to warm up the tone of the eye. Then on the outer corners I have blended EXTRA BITTER and blending that into the crease too. Then on the inner corners I have used MAC PHLOOF. 
  9. I then applied a thin wing using soap and glorys super cat 
  10. Then for brows I have used Bobbi Browns eye brow pencil in grey. 
  11. Lastly on my lips I have used Primarks PS lip liner in WINE (believe it or not these are amazing) then over the top I have used Calvin Klein First kiss (BEAUTIFUL NUDE) 

I hope you liked my first mini make up tutorial, and happy Valentine’s x



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