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My Morning Routine

Hello! Todays post is going to be one of my favourite posts to read myself, “my morning routine” I am a nosy person and like to compare my routine to others. Just to prep you before I start I am not a morning person so this isn’t one of them “I go to the gym and eat my body weight in healthy fruit before I start my day”, nothing wrong with them just mine looks nothing like that!

  1. Wake up- The biggest struggle of all when my alarm goes off, depending on the time I’m due in work I usually wake up between 7 and 9. I usually spend about 10 minutes when I first wake up checking through my phone for any texts, emails or tweets. 16508212_1245547128858209_8802547225010443013_n.jpg
  2. Clean Up- First thing I do when I wake up is brush my teeth, nothing I hate more than smelly breath in the morning so its a must as soon as I get up and out of bed! I don’t have a huge skincare routine, I just use the Clinique anti blemish 3 step system, this is a face wash, toner and a moisturiser. I have currently been using this for the last week and I am loving the feel to my face afterwards.16508436_1245547135524875_1745766329050461377_n
  3. Make Up- I have a pretty simple make up routine. I start off with foundation at the moment I am using The L’oreal Infallible Sculpt, then I move on to my contour I am using the Laura Geller Bronze & Brighten (BEST CONTOUR EVER JS). After contour I go on to filling in my eyebrows this is probably takes the longest out of everything, then I like to use Mac soft and gentle to highlight my face. Next up in blush at the moment I am using the Laura Geller blush in Blush and Brighten (PINK) its a gorgeous shimmery pink. Then I go onto using my favourite mascara by soap and glory “Thick & Fast” if you like volume then I recommend!  Depending on where I am going and what I am doing I then pick a lipstick or gloss, Its usually Evas Nude by L’oreal. Lastly I use the max factor Powder to set my make up!
  4. Hair- I am terrible when I comes to my hair in the morning, me and my hair do not get on everyday so I tend not to even try. majority of the time Ill just brush it through then go, others I will straighten or curl it, then you have them days when it is shoved in a bobble on top of my head.
  5. Get Dressed- I usually pick out my outfits the night before especially if I am going out with friends or family and want to look a little nicer and not rushed. If I am just lounging around then its usually Jack Wills joggers or River Island Leggings.
  6. EAT- I am the worst in the mornings and I know I am not the only one. I tend to grab a quick cereal bar before I leave the house. Usually something with chocolate in as I have 0 energy in the morning. If not I will tend to grab a Starbucks croissant or breakfast bap on the way to where ever I am off.

Well thats my quick and easy morning routine, hope you have enjoyed it.



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