My Pamper Night Routine

We all get too caught up in things sometimes, whether that be work, school or relationships and they can all stress us out a bit. Once in a while we just need to take a step back and treat our selfs to a well deserved pamper! In this blog post I will explain my Pamper Routine step by step for you guys.

  1. Shower/bathe- Personally I am not one for baths they don’t make me feel clean. So if I have just finished work I will jump in the shower, wash my hair and exfoliate and already I feel 10 times better!
  2. Comfy clothes- This is a must when you want to relax put on your favourite Pjs or lounge wear what ever makes you feel comfortable. Theres nothing harder than trying to relax in tight clothes!
  3. Dry Hair- If i’ve washed your hair in the bath or shower then I usually dry it straight away, because I HATE drying my hair it’s just such a chore so I rather it be done with straight away!
  4. TV- Find something good to watch whether that be your guilty pleasure reality tv or a film on Netflix something that you can just enjoy watching.
  5. FaceMask- Obviously I have washed my face in the shower so it’s all clean now I apply my face mask. I think face masks always give you that pamper feeling.
  6. Moisturise/tan- I know this wont be one for many buy I enjoy applying a bit of tan during my pamper evenings. If tanning isn’t for you then why not just moisturise your skin. There is no better feeling than silky soft skin.
  7. ย Hand cream/foot cream-Something I myself never do is apply cream to my hands and feet so I like paying attention to these areas while having my little pamper session.
  8. RELAX- read a book, lay in darkness, watch a movie just try and wind down a bit we all get so caught up sometimes and we all don’t need it. It’s really good to relax whether you are a brain surgeon or student we all have our own stresses, take time for you.

Thanks for reading guys, just a little extra post. My next post will be my January Favourites and will be up next week sometime. Follow me to know when I upload next.




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