January Favourites! 

Well we are one month into the year already can you believe it!! I feel that January is always the month of trying new foods, things and of course trying to stick to your resolutions. I wish I was one of those people that kick start their year with a detox but I’m not and also I’m not a new year new me person. So far this year I’ve learnt friends and family are important and you should spend as much time with them as you can, we can get so caught up in our busy lives and forget to take a step back and talk about them silly times and make new memories!

This Favourites post will be stuff that I received at Christmas and have been loving and also bits that have made my January that little bit easier and this month can be a tad depressing!

Beauty & Fashion

  1. Anastasia Glow Pallet in sunkissed, I cannot describe how good this is. I revived this as a gift from my boyfriend, it’s just the best highlight I have ever had. I love highlighters and they seem to be what I buy the most because who does like to glow ✨.
  2. TRESemmé instant refresh cleansing dry shampoo, my hair is very oily so washing it every day is something I need to do, this is obviously not good for your hair so dry shampoo is a must for me. Usually batiste is my go to, but now it’s this tresemmé one it’s also a fraction of the price to (£1.99 in boots).
  3. L’Oréal inflatable sculpt foundation, I have had this for a while and only just started using it it’s such a good foundation. I’d say it’s medium/full coverage but doesn’t feel heavy like Mac studio fix does. It leaves your face looking dewy and not matte which I love! My colour is slightly rose tinted which gives a lovely healthy glow to my face.
  4. DOT By Marc Jacobs, I love fragrances and I had this one for Christmas and I love it it’s perfect for this time of year and stays with you for hours!!
  5. Olay moisturiser for cobination/oily skin, one thing I am trying to do this year is use moisturiser everyday and night so far so good. I love this moisturiser I was recommended it by my great aunt who has perfect skin at the age of 80.
  6. Jack wills Jogger bottoms, a weird one I guess but this January I have lived in joggers they’re just so comfy for days off when I am blogging or just staying in watching tv they are a step up from staying in your PJs all day. So when someone pops over to see you, you are still dressed. Although they are very comfy!!

YouTube, TV and blogs ✨

YouTube- this month along with every month I watch YouTube each night when I’m relaxed and in bed. Although this month I have tried to find new content to watch some of the channels new and old I have been loving this month have been  :-

  • Vegan Family TV (family that vlogs day to day on their new life in Gran Canaria!)
  • Samantha Marie (I’ve been watching Sam for years and she has recently had a beautiful baby girl. She has both a main channel and vlog channel!!)
  •  Jeffrey Star ( I knew JS was a make up brand although I had no idea the man himself had a YouTube channel!  He is amazing and fantastic at make up, make up reviews and make up challenges!!)
  • Erika Saconne (little sister of Anna saconnejoly from the saconnejoly channel. Erika has restarted her channel again with great content!!)

Tv is usually a bit hit and miss in January all the Christmas one offs finish Saturday night TV goes down hill and there is no drama in soaps. However here are a few tv favourites of mine this month:-

  • Eastenders not just this month but December too I loved eastenders. My favourite story line this month has been Ronnie and Jacks wedding. I think im safe to say we didn’t see that coming and it was so greatly filmed!!
  • The OA there is very mixed reviews around this Netflix series im on episode 3 and I love it I am addicted at the moment I have heard it goes down hill but I’ll let you know!
  • Designated Surviour again another Netflix series I have finished this now and I cannot fault it one tiny bit! Season 2 is out in March or April and I can’t wait!!!!
  • Fuller house (Netflix) season 2 has just come out and I am half way through and I love it. It’s just a very easy show to watch.

Blogs, this month I have tried to get more into reading others blogs and I have! I have found some amazing bloggers!!

  • Beauty owls- a beautiful blogger fashion and beauty blog like my own. This blogger is an amazing writer and takes amazing pictures! 
  • Beauty beyond bones- I different blog than what I am used to reading. This blog is full of motivational posts the writer tends to reflect it on her own experiences and the posts are just beautiful!

Thank you so much if you have got to the end of this post! It’s been a long one. Hope you are all having a great 2017 so far!



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