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January Sales Haul

Hello again! So far all I have managed to do in 2017 is internet shop (OPS) sales are so tempting this time of year despite having so much for Christmas. I thought I would do my very first haul.

Heres a flat lay so you guys can see what I have bought

Ill start from the bottom and work my way up the picture!

  1. Heeled ankle boots!! – I am so happy with these, I have been wanting a pair for forever, but they never seemed to have my size in River Island, Debenhams or TopShop. I found these on Asos (Newlook) on the New Look site the only ones  available in sale were wide fit. So I was so happy to find these.                                PRICE- £17.50!  
  2. (petite) Cropped (Culottes) Black Tie Trousers!- During the summer all I wanted was a nice pair of Culottes. I went into New Look recently and tried on a size 6, but they were too big :(. So when I seen they had a 4 online I had to buy them, these were not in the sale, however they were still only £19.99 so still a total steal!!!
  3. Zara Jeggings- I recently bought a pair of jeans from Zara, because I am sick of paying £4o in River Island for a pair of jeans! I LOVE ZARA DENIM, for the price you pay these jeans are amazing they lift you in all the right areas.                                                      PRICE- £12.99!
  4. Stripe Long Sleeve T- I have been stocking up on things with long sleeve T’s now for a while because they’re such a staple piece in your wardrobe. I bought this from Topshop, and I absolutely love it the stripes on the arms and body are all going in different directions which makes it different to the normal striped T!                                PRICE-£12.00
  5. 2x Slogan T’s- I am so into slogan T’s ATM, theyre just so easy to wear with leggings and jeans for them days where you want a nice outfit but don’t want to be too over dressed! I love these two from ZARA. I think Zara do the best T shirts whether you want a plain white T, a sequin T or a slogan T!                                                                               (Black T )PRICE- £3.99 (WHITE T)PRICE- £5.99
  6. Nude expensive T-  Again with the slogan T’s but this time this was from ASOS. I loved everything about this one the colour is gorgeous not so much nude but a light/deep purple! I had this in my wish list for ages so I just had to buy it as it went in sale!                                                                                                                                                          PRICE- £7.00
  7. Turtle Neck- I go to Paris the end of the month and it’s going to be chilly :(! I found this in H&M’s sale its quite thin but I don’t like jumpers too thick, as I find I get too hot with a coat on too! The material of this is beautiful, so soft!!                                            PRICE- £20
  8. Green round neck jumper- Again another jumper this one a little but more chunkier. I am loving the colour green ATM so I couldn’t leave this there again it was not in the sale, however it was SO SO CHEAP, there was other colours there too!!                              PRICE- £7.99
  9. Lace Black T- Again this wasn’t in the sale, but wasn’t too expensive and was too pretty to leave! It is just a simple cropped black T but with lace all around the sleeves and hem of the top!! Because the top is black the lace is not that intense!                         PRICE- £22.00 

Thats all I have bought from the “sales”! Let me know if you want to see more hauls on my blog, thanks for reading. Please attach your sale hauls in the comments I would love to have a read.



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