What I Got for Christmas 2016!

Hello! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, this blog post is what I got for Christmas this year. I love these blog posts, I am not bragging about anything (disclaimer!). So here we go here are a few bits I got this christmas…

  1. Jasper Conran Handbag- I have been dying for a brown handbag for ages now, one that isn’t too big, but also one that is big enough to store everything. I picked this out myself off my Grandma for Christmas, it is from Debenhams and is £49. I have 3 Jasper bags and totally love all 3! They last brilliantly too. Let me know if you would like to see an updated Whats In My Bag!!
  2. Chanel Chance- My absolute favourite go to scent this present was from my Dad! It is such a wearable scent day to night!
  3.  LUSH Snow Fairy gift set & 2 Shower gels- My mum is not usually the best with knowing what I like and don’t like but she nailed it this year. The snow fairy scent is my favourite lush scent of all time! I am so glad she got my some shower gels too so I smell all sweet!!
  4. The Urban Decay Naked Basic Pallet!- I have wanted this for ages now and I am quite late getting it and I must say its worth the wait. If you love the matte shades in the naked pallets like I do, I have hit pan on a few then this pallet is for you!
  5. A Charlie Bear- I can’t even think of how long I have wanted one of these bears for if any of you have been to harrods and seen the huge steiff bear then you’ll know how cute they are! Charlie bears are another brand like steiff, each bear has a beautiful patterning and is so soft!
  6. Yankee Candles- This year has been a bit candle mad, I think I have had a candle off everyone! My faves that I have received this year are the Festive Cocktail by Yankee Candle and also the All Is Bright by Yankee Candle. Both are very sweet scents and from the Christmas collection, although I would say you can burn these all year round for sure!
  7. Ted Baker Phone Purse- Now I love this gift unfortunately my phone is way too big to fit in it, but inside it has 2 hard holders and lots of spare space so I will be using this when I want to only take my card and ID when I go out with a small clutch bag!
  8. Sleeks I-Lust Pallet- Now correct me if I am wrong but I think this is limited addition so I am not sure if its still available. But this pallet is absolutely gorgeous! all very pinky/rose gold shimmery tones! They are so pigmented, I absolutely love sleek and this is the first eyeshadow pallet of theirs I have tried and I am not let down!!


Thats all for what is in the picture, I also had another AMAZING surprise from my boyfriend that I am still not over. I am going to Paris on the 30th January and I am so excited, how he managed to keep it from me I do not know, but I am so grateful!!




Thank you so much for reading this post let me know what you had this Christmas in the comments and leave me a link to your What I Got For Christmas blog posts!!





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