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Youtube made me buy it!

Ok, so you have probably seen this tag going around Youtube, not sure if its been done on the blog circit yet but here we go. This is some of the things Youtubers have got me to buy.

The Naked Pallets! – I am guilty of buying 3 of these pallets but i can not complain! I love these pallets they are my holy grail. My personal fave is the Naked 2 I’ve heard great things about the Naked (1), but am yet to try this one. So these products get a big thumbs up!!

Mac Highlighter (soft and gentle)- I have only just got this (I KNOW MAD) and I’m absolutely in love with it!! Its such a subtle shimmer to add to an every day look, but also build-able!

Mac Lipsticks- ruby red, velvet teddy, rebel you name it they (youtube) have hyped them up. Something like £15 per lippy I don’t rave that much about them. Ok they are alright but I have found much better drugstore ones that have a better staying power.

Sleek highlighter pallet- Mediocre. Only word to describe it, you get what you pay for its something like £6/7 you get 2 creams and 2 mattes the mattes are not that bad, but i find the creams just slide down. Then the matte shades look too shimmery for every day.

Mac Pro Long Wear Foundation-I have been wearing this foundation for months and fell out of love with it. It has dried out my skin sooo so much! Totally wouldn’t recommend unless you have super oily skin.


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