September Faves!

I cannot believe it is October all ready, this year has gone so quickly! Today I will be sharing with you guys my September favourites! I have been loving so many things this month so lets get started!

  1. Batiste dry shampoo- This is a favourite every single month not just this month. I couldn’t live without this stuff, I have a very oily scalp meaning I wash my hair at night and its greasy the next morning, I don’t like to wash my hair everyday as it is really damaging for your hair! By using this dry shampoo I can leave my hair 2-3 days before it needs washing!
  2. Sleek Cream Contour pallet- I am slow to jump on the trend train for this product the ABH cream contour pallet has been floating around for months now but I wasn’t feeling the price of it! I am not normally a fan of cream make up products as I tend to find them hard to blend. I recently purchased the Sleek Cream contour pallet (Β£10 boots) and it is great! It gives a very dewy finish and it is build-able! I would definitely recommend if you are wanting to try out cream contours.
  3. Lush Bath oils!- I have always stayed away from oils, I have oily skin but recently I have found my legs getting a bit flakey after shaving. I had a lush bath oil as a gift and I can say it is so nurousing to the skin and they smell great too! You simple just drop them in your bath and let them work their magic.
  4. GBBO- Now I am late on this trend and watched the whole latest series this past week and I can say I now understand the hype. It’s such a easy programme to watch!
  5. Kate Moss for Rhimmal contour trio- I bought this when it first came out and I can truely say the contour in it is gorgeous! It’s lovely and brown and no tint of orange! (Around Β£6 I think)
  6. Blush Pink- An odd fave, but the blush pink colour is everywhere this season and I am in LOVE. Got my eye on a couple of pieces on Asos atm *heart eyes*
  7. Urban decay- definitely my favourite brand this month they have pallets coming from left right and centre and they are all amazing!!!

Thats it for my monthly faves this month! Let me know in the comments what blog post you want next.


Melissa x


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