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Holiday Essentials

Hi everyone!


I haven’t written a post since June, bad I know! I do have an excuse, I have been on holiday once in July and then in august so it’s been a lot of recovering and then preparation again and again! Holidays are great and I think we all wish we could take more. Although with holidays comes stressing over it. What will you need, clothes, toiletries, and electrical items, passports we seem to always lose them or need new bits and bobs to go. In this blog post I will make a list of the things I NEED to take with me on holidays. (this post will be based on a holiday outside of the UK)


Carry on/Travel bag


An essential for all trips you need to be able to keep your Passport, insurance details and boarding passes close to you and accessible while in the airport. Don’t forget your money foreign currency and British you may need snacks for the plane or a meal before you board (Frankies and Bennys is a must!) If you are on any medication I recommend carry this with you on in your carry on, if worse comes to worse and your main bag gets lost then you may be without your medication, and if you need it while onboard the plane. I like to always take a book with me on the plane along with my phone and Ipad to keep me occupied on the plane.




I like to split my case into four sections so I know for one I have everything and two everything is all together. Clothes, probably the most stressful part of going on holiday I tend to take 8-day outfits and 7 night outfits if I am going for a week and 5 bikinis and obviously underwear. Then make up I take a medium sized bag (in my opinion) with my make up I take the main essentials that I use everyday of course every individual is different. Now for toiletries I take a 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner, as it is condense and quick, dry shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, sun cream (1 high factor and a spray oil), after sun, and a perfume then lastly shoes I like to take comfy shoes and shoes that fit with all the outfits I tend to take 1 pair of trainers, flat sandals, flip flops and a pair of wedges


Thanks for reading this post I hope its helped you pack for your holidays!


Happy holidays


Melissa x


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