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June Favouites

Hi! Its been a while since I last wrote a blog post but I have been so busy. I thought today I would just put up a quick monthly faves, I go on holiday in 9 days so I will be uploading some holiday prep posts this week!


I haven’t tried many new things out this month but they may be new to this blog! Firstly I suffer really badly with hay-fever and we have hit that time of the year where I cant leave my house without my eyes or nose running. Optrex eye drops have worked wonders this month in soothing my eyes, I use them every night when I get in. They just add a little moisture to your eyes and relieve them of any itchiness. On the category of hay fever Allergy and hay fever relief tablets have been a GOD this month they work really quick and work all day!

On to make up this month I have been loving the Mac Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation, it gives great coverage the colour matches my skin perfect (NC15). It lasts all day you don’t need to touch up mid day its just all round great!

I am never normally one to splurge on a concealer but I have this month, NARS concealer in the shade Vanilla. It gives good coverage of spots and discolouration.

I used to live and die for the Simple BB cream about a year ago and I see why its amazing, it gives a great boast to your skin if you want to skip foundation and unlike most bb creams it does gives you coverage. I find most BB creams just go on like a moisturiser sometimes and never give you that extra coverage.

Now some might not believe the next product in being so good if you are a preacher of Mac, Nars and other high end make up brands but I picked up the Kate Moss Rimmel contour pallet this month and ITS GREAT! Unlike most drug store contours the contour is very warm toned non of them orangey tones you normally get. the highlighter is OK, its not the best but it still gives you that shimmer. The Blush is very pigmented a little goes a long way and its a beautiful colour and would look great on many skin tones.

Thats all my favourites for the month of June, I’ll be back later on in the week with some holiday related posts!


Love Mel x


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