Whats in my bag?

This post is usually the most requested post for all beauty bloggers and as I was cleaning out my bag today it reminded me that I have yet to do it! What’s in my bag? I don’t know about you but these posts are always my favorites because I love having a nose into what is in other people’s bags. Until today I need to admit it was not this clean and had about 10 receipts and about a hundred sweet wrappers opps!

Ok so firstly my bag is the Jasper Conran Textured Wing bag in black, it is still available in Debenhams! It is such a good every day bag you can wear it on your arm or shoulder. The inside is grey and white stripes, it has a zip pocket where I keep things like plasters, girl things and tablets and on the opposite side there is a little pocket where I just keep lose change in case I need to get to money quickly (for them emergency Gregs stops)!

Now for what I actually carry with me everyday, my purse for starters is also Jasper Conran and is the Pink flap over purse this is also still available! I regret not getting the black now though!

The next thing is glasses I wear glasses when I need to read or see things in the distance so I always have mine on me at all times. I also always carry sunglasses with me as my eyes water so easily and I hate having to squint (also for them days when you have a raging hangover and need to hide from the world)

A very boring one but a must, my keys I have a key chain that attaches to the inside of my bag so my keys don’t get lost inside my bag and also my work keys are attached to that!

Now for more beauty related items, I am not the type to carry around make up with me, as mine tends to stay on all day. Although I always tend to have a few lipsticks on me (purely because I forget to take them out and they just end up all gathering up in my bag), my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour crème/gel is always with me I use it all day every day and would totally recommend it to everyone absolute must have! Deodorant is also one of my staples I usually go to the gym after work and I do not have a separate gym bag (note to self buy one), so I always keep a spare deodorant with me at all times! Lastly a tangle teaser I cannot brag about this product enough it is a LIFE SAVER! My hair tangles so quickly and it works so well!

Lastly in the front zip pocket of my bag I usually tend to keep tickets if I am traveling and need to be able to access them quickly.


Thank you, for reading this post!

Melissa |


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