Febuary Favourites

Eeeeeeek! It is march already where did February go? This months favorites is going to be very short and sweet as I haven’t really tried any new products out this months so I haven’t been loving anything new or old to be honest. I’m at the stage with my make up and clothes where I just want a spring-clean and re-buy everything!


  1. Firstly a very practical favorite or in other words a complete LIFE SAVER this month Blister Plasters. I was a complete idiot and wore new trainers to the gym with tiny socks and I am now paying for it. I have never used blister plasters until now but I would totally recommend them they stick so well and are almost invisible!
  2. I have always had beauty blenders in my draw and recently picked up new ones from Primark and rediscovered how handy they are. I find they come in handy when blending out contour or highlighter!
  3. Spots have seemed to love my skin this month the redder the better too! I have always used a green eye shadow on red spots but I seen the Max Factor CC colour corrector! It does what it says and hides the redness of the blemish.
  4. Staying on the subject of blemishes, the benefit BOI-ING 02 has been a godsend this month it is the only concealer I have found that does a decent job of covering a spot.
  5. My fragrance of the month has been Marc Jacobs Decadence, there isn’t much explanation for this, just the smell is so sweet and fresh which is perfect for this time of year.


Thanks for reading let me know your favorites in the comments below.




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