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January in a nutshell

Its always the worst month am I right? You get the Christmas blues, the new year new me status’ and your diet is constantly starting tomorrow, oh and how can I forget that shiny new gym membership you are now paying for it’s a tough one.

For me January has not been all that bad I found out I was being kept on in my job on the 2nd I work for Debenhams as a sales assistant so that started the year off nicely knowing I will have some money to get me through the year.

I already had a gym membership unlike most people in January although I did promise myself that I would go more often and not give it the “no time” excuse and this has worked out. I have been every day after work (except one week where I was ill oopss).

Dry January was something I started off doing as I do enjoy going out on a Saturday night and I spend way too much money by doing it. Unfortunately I lasted 14 days (bad I know), despite this I have only been out once in the whole of January and saved money on both drink and clothes.

I booked a holiday! About a week ago me and three of my best friends booked a holiday to Magaluf for the summer after not going last year I promised myself and them that I would this year, so deposit paid and I’ll see you in July Maga.

‘New Year New Me’? I feel like in January I have definitely put myself first a lot more than I did last year I have stopped dwelling on things and am saying yes to a lot more things.


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