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Tanning Routine

Tanning can be a tough one especially if you’re a newbie to it. I have been using fake tan for about 6 years now so I thought I would share my tan routine for you. I usually tan more often in the winter months as my skin goes very pale, normally I will tan every two weeks or so depending on how I feel. So here is the routine I repeat when tanning.

Night Time Routine

(Before bed)

  1. I start off with either a shower or a bath to get rid of any products that are on my skin i.e. deodorant or perfume as this could turn fake tan green (not something you want.
  2. I also shave my legs and arms as I find the tan goes on nicer to smother skin but this is obviously up to you! Lastly in the shower
  3. I like to apply a heavy exfoliator to get rid of any dry skin as fake tan goes darker on places such as elbows and knees if they are particularly dry.
  4. Once out of the shower I apply a thick body butter/moisturizer, I strongly recommend the soap and glory ones.
  5. After that has dried I then apply my fake tan, I use a tanning mit that you can pick up from almost anywhere these days, the fake tan I use is St Moritz it is on the cheaper scale of fake tan (around £2.99).

Morning Routine

  1. After waking up you might be extremely brown/orange, don’t worry just jump in the shower and all the residue of the tan will wash off and you should be left with a lovely even tan
  2. Once been in the shower I like to moisturize again


That’s the end of my fake tan routine; I hope that it has helped out if you’re new to tan. If you want a fake tan product review then let me know as I have tried A LOT. Thanks for reading.


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