TOP 3: make up favourites

Although during January I have decided to have a little detox make up wise I have still been trying out new and old products and I can say that I have found some products that I cannot live without!

  1. hqdefaultNaked 2, I have had this for a while now but haven’t really used it as much as I should have done for the price. So I have been messing about finding new looks and I can confirm that I prefer it over the Naked 3. Personally Tease is my favourite along with booty call.
  2. Mac Russian Red, after thinking that iris-Apfel-Mac-Russian-Red-LipstickI left this a few hundred miles away on holiday I have definitely gave it some love after finding it! It is so long lasting and has a nice texture to it
  3. Soap and Glory Supercat, now this is my first timesupercat_1 trying Soap and Glory’s make up products and I can safely say I am in love with this eyeliner. I am the worst at applying eyeliner and this pen makes it so easy.

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