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TV show favourites

Recently I have started to watch more TV as I have become alienated from it recently. I’ll tell you my 3 favourites of the last few months, hopefully you might watch them too.

soaps-waterloo-road-pupils-2015Firstly Waterloo road, I have watched this since it first came out, I’d say that if you want to watch it, start from season one, as the characters link in each season. It’s about a school where topics such as bullying, drugs and family domestics occur. It sounds like your average soap drama, but don’t knock it until you try it.

f59d8f46536c70db081fb8393966c895Next Pretty Little Liars, I understand that I am like 3 years late jumping on the band wagon. However IT IS AMAZING, I have recommended it to about 6 friends and they are all loving it. I wouldn’t recommend starting it if you are in the middle of exams or if you have a lot of work today as it is pretty complicated to follow and I found I had to pay a lot of attention. All the episodes link together along with the seasons. ย Explaining it to anyone is so difficult, but if you are of the age of 15-24 and like things like gossip girl, american horror story and orange is the new black you would probably enjoy it. It gets a little creepy at times so if you are not good with scary things then maybe watch it with someone else.

orange-is-the-new-black-cast-21Lastly Orange is the new black, i started this and I have to admit the first season was a bit boring. However season 2 and 3 things started to make sense and got interesting. It isn’t for everyone and I wouldn’t say it’s something you will want to watch with your parents. Its about an all women prison and their stories behind while they are there, I cant say anything else without given much away but year give it a go:).

I also tried American Horror Story and I have to admit I enjoyed the first season, but I am yet to start season 2. I am not normally a fan of scary films etc. However it is pretty good. If you have watched them all let me know in the comments or any other good shows you would recommend.


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